The Best, High Quality Leather Cases for iPhone X You Should Buy Today – List


Looking to secure your iPhone X in high quality leather? We have a list of the best leather cases you can buy today.

The iPhone X is a Jewel for Some - Protect it With Fine the Finest Available Leather Cases.

Ask any fanboy and they'll tell you right away how their favorite gadget is no less than a fine piece of jewelry. The iPhone X, in that regard, is no exception either.

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If you ordered Apple's newest flagship, then there's no way you would want to put an ordinary case around it, not at all. You need something a bit high-end. Something that screams premium. Something made out of leather.

That's what our list is about today - leather cases for the iPhone X. Let's see the options available today.

Apple iPhone X Leather Case - Price $49.99.

Apple's very own Leather Case sits on the pricey end of the spectrum. But it offers the quality and finish you won't find anywhere else. Every single accessory from Apple is forged on the same drawing board where the gadget was designed. So you can imagine how good this thing really is. It comes in several color options, including saddle brown, red, blue and many, many more.

Buy Apple iPhone X Leather Case [Amazon link]

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Apple iPhone X Leather Folio Case - Price $98.52.

This one's expensive. Like, really very expensive. It's the most expensive case in our list. But, since this one's from Apple, it'll fit the iPhone X like magic. Do give your wallet a good stare before you even decide to order this one.

Buy Apple iPhone X Leather Folio Case [Amazon link]

Nomad Leather Case for iPhone X - Price $45.95 - $50.96.

There are three leather cases which Nomad offers at this point in time. If you are a traditional leather lover, then all of these will bode well with you. There's a regular option like the one Apple offers. There's one which also doubles as a wallet. The third one is a folio case, which goes a mile further in order to protect the iPhone X. All of these are worth a look, but they do sit on the pricier end of the spectrum.

Buy Nomad Rugged Leather Case [Amazon link]
Buy Nomad Wallet Case [Amazon link]
Buy Nomad Traditional-Leather Folio Case [Amazon link]

OtterBox STRADA SERIES Case for iPhone X - $32.08.

This one's a folio case, but screams quality in every way. It has an amazing looking espresso finish and features durability which users have come to expect from a rugged OtterBox case. So, if you are looking for slightly extreme protection while being on the leather side of the fence, then this one's for you.

Buy OtterBox STRADA SERIES Case for iPhone X [Amazon link]

Ansiwee Wallet Leather Case for iPhone X - Price $8.99.

It's somewhat hard to justify a 'minimal' leather case. But if that's what you're looking for, then this one from Ansiwee is for you. It does not look obtrusive when it comes to design, and it has holders for your credit cards and other stuff. What more do you need at this price point?

Buy Ansiwee Wallet Leather Case for iPhone X [Amazon link]

Shamo's iPhone X Wallet Case - Price $9.86.

It's a simple wallet case that happens to be shockproof too. Though we can't test those claims for ourselves, but we will give this one credit for its surprisingly good looks and low price.

Buy Shamo's iPhone X Wallet Case [Amazon link]

Elago Genuine Leather Series iPhone X Case - Price $24.99.

Elago is a great case maker. When I saw this case for the first time, I knew this was going into this list for a lot of reasons. For one, it features a classic look and feel which you can only expect from a vintage product. But, it doesn't quite break the bank at $24.99.

Buy Elago Genuine Leather Series iPhone X Case [Amazon link]

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