Total War: Warhammer Introduces The Extremely Powerful Demigryph

A new video from Sega and Creative Assembly introduce a rare mythological beast within the Warhammer lore, a cavalry unit that'll be available in Total War: Warhammer.

Warhammer Demigryph is a rare yet magnificent beast, capable of ripping enemies to shreds.

Creative Assembly wanted to capture the proud and fearsome movements of the Demigryph and translate those on screen into what we might imagine such a creature would actually move like. They took subtle cues from Lions and added that to the mighty beast. The result is rather breathtaking.

Part lion and part eagle, these noble monstrous cavalry are ridden by only the most renowned knights of the Empire. Clad in ornate plate armour, their densely muscled frames enable them to thunder into combat, tearing their foes limb from limb and spreading fear among the enemy ranks.

These are some of the most powerful mounts in the Imperial arsenal, capable of pouncing on their enemies and throwing them to the ground like pieces of meat. But they are going to be rare in Total War: Warhammer. Only available to a few very powerful heroes in the game.

Creative Assembly and Sega have also announced that they're going to be releasing new gameplay footage sometime this week, showing off the absolutely massive scale of battles that will be featured in Total War: Warhammer. So we should also see many more introduction videos that show off the creatures and units in their upcoming fantasy RTS.

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