New Retina iPad Mini Stock Tracker Surfaced – Get Alerts for New Stock in Your Selected Store

Rafia Shaikh

Since last week when Apple shut down a tracking website namely Apple Tracker [Read: Apple Orders Shut Down of a Site Helping Fans Find the Latest Products’ Stock], a lot has been discussed about Apple's policies to keep its stock limited. Apple Tracker was dedicated to monitor in-store availability of Apple iPhone 5s, iPad Air and the then upcoming iPad Mini. It was ordered to take down citing a terms of use violation.

Another such unofficial web tracker for checking the availability of Retina iPad Mini stock at Apple's U.S. retail store has spruced up, providing much needed help to those trying hard to purchase this limited and constrained device.

The site is obscurely hosted on marine life conservation site offering a grid view of Apple [Read: Some Big-Saving Black Friday Deals from Walmart and Best Buy!] inventory. This website offers inventory checks of all the Retina iPad Mini models for every retail store in United States, display inventory in green, red, and white boxes for availability, unavailability, and non-check information respectively.ipad mini stock ipad mini stock

Users can also update the content; for models and location combinations not been checked, visitor can click on the cell to update information or check nearby stores. You can also register for email notifications to get alerts when specific models become available at particular store locations.

It is dreaded now that this new Apple Tracking site might also be banned soonest as it keeps on gaining attention. Apple has launched its own Personal Pickup option for the Apple Retina Mini [Read: Retina iPad Mini Teardown – Cross between iPad Air & the iPhone 5s Retina] earlier this week, and walk-in sales of the device aren't going to be offered until supplies improve.

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