Top 5 Photography Apps for Android Devices

We live in a world where nearly everyone now and then has constant access to camera of some sort of. These days passionate photographer get their hands dirty on DSLRs but however not everyone can afford it. However, following are the best photography apps for your Android. Having tested these apps on my  HTC One. You may use these apps to improve everything from how you take photos to how you organize and edit them.

Top 5 photography apps for Android:

1. Photoshop Touch

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As far as Adobe Photoshop is concerned, the grand daddy of all photo editors now has a feature full option for Android that is Photoshop Express.


It offers advanced features. Layers, item selection and other complex operations are easy to use in large part because they've been reworked for touchscreen interfaces. However, Photoshop Express does not give all features as Adobe Photoshop. But it is surprisingly the best photo editing tool and its clean interface is fun to play with.

2. Camera 360

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If we look in between the Photoshop Express and Instagram lies Camera 360. This photo editing app has serious editing tools such as brightness and white balance. It also contains cartoonish and whimsical effects. You'll definitely love this app for adding spark to the often-middling photos of smartphones, plus it's easy to share your stuff.

3. Photo Grid

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In spite of of its gaudy icon, Photo Grid makes beautiful photo collages. You may choose from borders that range from whimsical to minimal and you can also group your photos in a awesome creation.

Moreover, adding photos is easy, and with a bit of clever cropping and placement, you can make stunning mementos of trips and events. Even if you're a photography amateur, you can add a bit of class and artiness to your photos with this app.

4. Qik Cam

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If you worry about that your stock camera app takes time to load which in results you missed out on some amazing photo ops. When it comes to photos of specially babies and animals, in particular that extra time your camera app cost. Instead, load QikCam onto your phone. The widget give you instant camera access from your homescreen. It can also be set to automatically take a photo the moment it's opened.

5. Camera Awesome

Download from Google Play Store

If you want the professional typo photography for your Android Smartphone. You can not miss out Camera Awesome. Camera Awesome has been one of the most popular camera apps for the Android ever since debuted. It offers a wide array of features and advanced controls from composing shots. The most noticeable thing in Camera Awesome app is its overhaul and unique look for interface. It offers outstanding photo editing features like HDR mode, you can layer the effects, adjust their strength and even order the effects are all performed within the app.

There are also additional effects available to purchase, though the best ones are found within app. However, the biggest flaw within Camera Aweome editing functions is the lack of any real adjustment tool for rotating or scaling images. And yes it also offers various options to share like Facebook, Twitter. All in all it is the best of best photography app I have ever used. Really worth to download.

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