Today’s List of Paid Games That Are Free at the Play Store Including HEXASMASH 2 and More

Anil Ganti

Time for some more free games.


• 47 awesome levels you must pass through
• Dozens of great objects
• Levels vary in difficulty as the game progresses, from beginner to seriously challenging
• Game play and sound options
• Level selection feature
• 9 language options
• Excellent brain training game
• Great logic puzzles in every level
• No ads or IAPs!

Download LASERBREAK Escape

HEXASMASH 2 • Ball Shooter Physics Puzzle

Hexasmash 2 includes:
• 80 action packed levels with more levels coming soon!
• Realistic physics environment. Experience and utilise accurate bounce, friction, gravity and more.
• Awesome effects and nice HD graphics.
• Fast paced, powerful ball shooter.
• 20 or more physics objects including many switch operated mechanical objects.
• Great controls. Aim accurately and shoot with the power you choose.
• Heaps of options in the menu. Control rotation speed, sounds, even graphics performance.
• Google Play Game Services achievements and leaderboard.
• 9 language translation options.
• 100% Free with no advertisements!

Download HEXASMASH 2 • Ball Shooter Physics Puzzle

Word Rush Pro: Find Words

• Simple, easy, and addictive gameplay!
• 60 levels with so much words await you!
• Leaderboard and Achievements
• Want to check previous levels? Go back to the Level List and play again!
• Share with your family members and friend for help and get hints!
• With no time limits, you can use your time wisely to find new words at your own pace!
• No wifi? Don’t worry, play Word Rush anytime, anywhere!
• Supported on both phone and tablet.

Download Word Rush Pro: Find Words

Sudden Warrior Plus

- Easy operation, hottest action!
- Fun game!
- Monster Defense!
- 1 vs 100 fight!
- If you like Tap RPG!
- You like to grow assassin!
- You can enjoy this game even idle play type!

Download Sudden Warrior Plus

World War 3 - Global Conflict

High quality graphics!
- Exciting campaign mode with 55 different levels to conquer!
- Engaging gameplay, upgrades, different enemy armies (nazi, russian or american)
- Realistic sound effects and uprising music soundrack
- Easy to play
- 360 degree camera with ultra 3D zoom

Download World War 3 - Global Conflict

Hockey Manager

Hockey Manager is a must-have tool for innovative and successful coaches, managers and scouts. Aided by this app strengths and weaknesses not only of your own team but also of opposing teams can be analyzed. This competitive advantage might decide whether your team makes the play-offs or is eliminated. Unanswered questions like “How many shots does a player need to score a goal?” or “How does an opposing player shoot penalties?” is a thing of the past. The following analysis can be executed:

Download Hockey Manager

The Ball Reach

It's a balance rolling ball game..
The aim of the game is balance the ball & keep it on the edge & avoid the ball from falling..

Rolling the ball & avoid it from the traps..

There is 9 levels in the game..
Some levels have 2 mode
of difficulty : "easy - difficult" &
Some levels have only 1 mode
of difficulty : "difficult"

Download The Ball Reach

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