Today’s List of Paid Games That Are Free at the Play Store Including Air Hockey VR and More

Free games. Watch this space for free apps tomorrow.

Fit Toon - Series 1

Fit Toon is a game played by placing a color that matches the colorless character.

Complete the colors of over 170 characters with an easy and simple game method using swipe.

Complete my illustration book perfectly by coloring every character.

Download Fit Toon - Series 1

Air Hockey VR

Air Hockey VR is specially designed for Daydream headsets and devices. The game takes full advantage of Daydream controller to immerse yourself in a fun but realistic air hockey competition. Play it on the couch or standing in your room, it's up to you!

-Play 3, 5, 7 or 10 goals game.
-Choose between easy, normal or hard AI difficulty.
-Unlockable in-game trophies.

Download Air Hockey VR

Hero's 2nd Memory: Shooting RPG

How to play
- The main character moves in the direction of sliding left and right by touching the screen.
- The hero character only attacks while touching the screen.
- If you touch the screen, it enters Slow mode.
- Avoid attacks with potions when you lack health, and avoid attacks with skills when you have a lot of monster's shot!

We have a richer volume game with over 100 hours of playtime
Each time you clear the story, you'll see a more difficult level
Difficulty levels are in the order of Normal -> Nightmare -> Hell

Download Hero's 2nd Memory: Shooting RPG


Afterlife A.U.S afterlife series, is the first installment of the series.
You have to be in the role of Roberto, a rookie soldier who confronts his invaders and try to defend Mexico City, he and his commander of the Mexican army are sent to the city to evacuate civilians from the infection that has threatened them, while the commander Torres guides Roberto, the citizens begin to show aggression behaviors about their peers, and begin to kill everything that is not like them, that's when Roberto and his team arrive at the point of civil resistance near a walk of reform at 7 AM,


Adventure of Priestess

-Meet the charming characters of friendly forces and cute monsters in dot graphics.
-Enjoy the 5 vs 5 automatic battle, fast and full of tension.
-Various monsters and a powerful boss awaits you in every dungeon.
-After you clear all 10 dungeons and defeat the Devil, which is the last boss, you can see the ending.
-Become more powerful through character level up and skill up by collecting soul stones.
-Engage in the challenge of the shortest clear time. Search for your own development tenchniques in order to clear all dungeons faster than others.

Download Adventure of Priestess

3D Space Shooter: Infinity Jerigen

-joystick control
-can be switch to touch control
-fire button can be switch to auto fire in settings menu
-3D graphics
-Amazing detail Space Shooter

Download 3D Space Shooter: Infinity Jerigen


• A deserted and dangerous town to explore.
• Turn-based combat system.
• Atmospheric graphics and sounds.
• Tons of weapons and loot.
• Reputation system to become good or evil.
• Skill point stat system.
• No Ads or In-App Purchases.

Download Hardboiled

Cartoon Dungeon VIP: Age of cartoon

■ Your Heroes continue to battle even while you are away!
■ Indie Game Heroes become Guardians!
■ Famous characters from books!
■ Dual support for both Landscape and Portrait mode play!
■ VIP version benefits: Reward 100 gems + Remove benner.
(Compensation video ads will not be removed.)

Download Cartoon Dungeon VIP: Age of cartoon

God of Attack VIP

Strong sense of action and blows like you've never seen before!
Play game with the famous indie game heroes!

■ A true hero will only use normal attacks!
Ultimate skills? No need for those skills! Normal attack is enough!

■ Breach the gate with normal attacks in Gate Breach Mode!
Collect allies in Wanted Mode!

■ Busy doing something else? Just turn on the game and forget it. Nothing can stop your progress!
Auto-play RPG that is just the right game for busy players!

Download God of Attack VIP

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