Today’s List of Paid Apps That Are Free or on Sale at the Play Store Including Intruder Catcher: Lock Screen and App Protection and More

Anil Ganti

Visual Math 4D - Graphical Calculator

- solve equations and visualize their intersections
- plot cartesian functions with intersections
- plot polar- and spherical functions
- plot parametrical equations
- plot complex functions (draw real part & imaginary part)
- plot vector fields in 2D and 3D
- plot implicit equations in 2D and 3D
- plot contours of your functions
- complex numbers
- vectors & matrices
- truth- and value tables
- trigonometrical and hyperbolic functions
- piecewise-defined functions
- logarithmic functions
- logical & binary operators
- definite integral
- n-th derivations
- statistical functions
- physical and mathematical constants with units
- animate variables
- share content with other apps
- no network connection required

Download Visual Math 4D - Graphical Calculator

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Intruder Catcher: Lock Screen and App protection

★ Takes photo with secret camera when someone tries to unlock your phone or locked apps with the wrong code.
★ Sends intruder selfie email.
★ Works with password, pin code and pattern lock.
★ It is completely silent and secret.
★ No battery drain and less memory footprint.
★ Select number of unlock attempts before selfie is taken.

Download Intruder Catcher: Lock Screen and App protection

Trueshot Swing Tempo

The application works with an Android Wear OS Smartwatch (such as Moto 360, Sony SmartWatch 3 and LG Watch) or with Trueshot wristband (beta version pre-ordering).
The application include the following features:
- Record swings (up to 125 samples/second)
- Recognize full-swing, pitching and putting (both right and left-handed golfers)
- Determine rotational speed, backswing and downswing timings (swing tempo) and smoothness
- Make a rough estimation club head speed (mph or km/h) and putting distance (ft or meters)
- Compare your swing mesurements with results from scratch players
- Export sensor data to MS Excel for swing path analysis
- View user's recording activity and statistics

Download Trueshot Swing Tempo

Learn Basic Chinese in 20 Days Offline

There are lessons divided from Day 1 to Day 20. If you spend daily 20 minutes on each lesson, you will definitely will learn Chinese language easily. Also, there is Night mode feature so that you can learn Chinese even at night!

Download Learn Basic Chinese in 20 Days Offline

On Sale

Nano Teleprompter

1- An adjustable floating widget that you can use while using the phone camera. You can resize and drag the window freely.

2- It can be used with any camera app Unlike other teleprompter apps this app can be used with any camera app in landscape and portrait mode.

3- Custom colors and opacity for the text and the background

4- Import your script with one click

5- Highlight important phrases just select the phrase and then the color

6- Open any text file directly in the floating widget. In your file explorer open a text file and choose Nano Teleprompter to open it or just select some text and press share, then select Nano Teleprompter. it will automatically open your camera app too.

Download Nano Teleprompter

Clinical knowledge tests

This program is designed for enchantment of yours clinical knowledge and diagnostic skills and for quick preparation of the students of Ukrainian medical universities to pass the medical license exam KROK1 and KROK2.
Also in application, available ability to find answer on any test by the entering keyword.
Very useful function of the application - is the making test from questions, that you have failed before.
This base consists of booklets since 2005 up to 2016 years for all departments:

Download Clinical knowledge tests

Quick Remote SMS - Predefined SMS

- Control up to 5 devices with your SMS commands.
- Customizable icons (choose from 20 variants)
- Auto-off function. Aplication will turn off after sending SMS. Great for using in CAR
and opening gates.

Download Quick Remote SMS - Predefined SMS

Firefly Pro for Aurora Nanoleaf

Create "frame by frame" animation or build your static theme all with ease !
Enjoy one button click scene creator based on your selected color.
Access each panel and set any color or brightness with touch of your finger.
Firefly Pro allows you to upload your theme to the light itself (


Download Firefly Pro for Aurora Nanoleaf

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