Today’s List of Paid Apps That Are Free on the Play Store Including Crypto Helper and More


Got a load of free apps for you today.

EMI & Financial Calculator Pro

Key Features :


1. You can calculate EMI for home loan, car loan and other loan entities / Mortgage Calculator .
2. EMI calculators section consist of basic / PRO / Advance EMI Calculator along with statistics . You can easily compare the two loans .
3. The banking calculation section consists of interest calculator on financial instrument like Fixed Deposit / FD calculator, Recurring Deposit / RD calculator,Public provident fund / PPF calculator & Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) / Mutual Funds calculator.
4. You can also calculate the taxes on the amount using the VAT / GST Calculator .


1. Create a loan profile for your home loan , car loan , educational loan etc and track them all together .
2. Get useful stats about the completion of individual / cumulative loan . You will get notified about your due EMI on payment date .
3. The variable interest rate , loan prepayment , fees and charges are also available with loan profile and can be modified at any time .

Info & Share

1. The useful information related to the financial instrument is also available which includes its Advantages , Disadvantages , Eligibility , Tax Deduction and Nomination .
2. Share the results & statistics of financial calculations with others using email /sms /messagin

Download EMI & Financial Calculator Pro

Stop Backup Screenshots - PinSync

PinSync resolve one of the biggest problem for millions of users by preventing backup or upload screenshots automatically to the cloud photos storage. Which will not just save your cloud storage space but also keep your cloud photo album neat and tidy.

Key Features
* Easy to use
* Save your cloud storage space
* Fast capture and use screenshot editor
* Support crop, draw and arrow tools in screenshot editor

if you have questions , you can contract us , our mail is

Download Stop Backup Screenshots - PinSync

Maths calc/graph/table Pro

Scientific Calculator contains :

- a calculator, with all mathematicals functions and the "answer" function,

- a table to compute and see the values of functions,

- a grapher where you can set parameters.

Download Maths calc/graph/table Pro


Challenge your ability of mental math and improve brain health.

According to a new brain study mental math is connected with better emotional health and help to stave off anxiety and depression.

Mental mathematics not only stimulates your mind but also helps you get a better number sense.

This app is perfect for students and kids who are learning basics of arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. And also suitable for adults to keep their mind and brain in good shape.

Mathematiqa builds mental math skills quickly and increase capacity to hold multiple pieces of mathematical information in the head simultaneously.

Choose among three difficulty levels: novice, expert and legend. The more difficult the game is the more you have to think and the more your brain will workout.

Download and start playing it right now!

Download Mathematiqa

Genetic Helper

Transcribing and translating genetic sequences by hand is a time consuming process that many biology students spend hours doing over and over. This application accelerates this process by allowing your phone to look look up the coding sequences and calculate the results many many thousands of times faster than a human can. It also detects some mutations where one or more base pairs are missing, and this is also helpful for detecting typos. It ignores foreign characters commonly mistyped that would cause issues with similar apps

More features are on their way such as Punnet square calculation systems for squares of arbitrary length.

The app is stable and fast on every device I test it on, simply tap on the text box for the appropriate type of genetic sequence (DNA, antisense DNA, mRNA, or TRNA), type in the sequence, tap on the Transcribe button and it will fill in the other boxes incredibly fast.

Download Genetic Helper

Crypto Helper

Extremely fast and incredibly secure encryption tool that can be used as a second layer over any existing or future application. The simple design does not save any data that can be used against your security, once you quit the app, all data you don't want in clear text will be deleted. There are no known attacks against the app or it's algorithm. More features are added as soon as I verify their security. I designed the app to be so secure that even security minded people would feel safe using it, and I have succeeded.

Current features:
Customized algorithm with one time pad layer
Custom key enhancing 512 bit hash making keys more secure with no possibility of collisions
Frequency analysis page that tells you how many of each character are used
Optional "Noise injector" which injects random noise to further confuse attackers and defeat frequency analysis based atacks
Optional Hexadecimal encoder for forwards compatibility with characters not found on most keyboards (accents, emoji, etc)
Random key generator

Download Crypto Helper


Use phone or tablet as a visualizer of surrounding sounds.
Pro features:
- More effects.
- Full control of effect's sensitivity, duration and speed.
- Supports for 2 fingers interaction.

Download SoundViz

nBubble Pro - Notifications in a bubble

nBubble View and quickly reply chats of online messengers easily with nBubble! nBubble is a revolutionary app that everyone needs. This is a notifier app that organizes your online messenger message notifications and allow you to quickly send reply without opening each app. nBubble works on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Email, SMS, Hangouts, and other online messenger services. Read more to find out our features and how we can simplify your life with our revolutionary notifier app!

Download nBubble Pro - Notifications in a bubble

VFR GPS Airplane Navigation

This fully self contained tool will guide you to any airport, Vor, or Address in the world without a download. No subscriptions, no ads, updates are free.

The Map Screen requires a temporary data connection for automatic downloading and caches maps viewed automatically.

This GPS based system is a quick and extremely simple full Guidance and Navigation tool for pilots to enjoy the view from the sky without wasting precious flying time with complicated navigation instruments. Searches and easily provides guidance to any airport, Radio VOR, or Point of Interest(any LAT/LON combination) in the world.

The Navigation screen works well on either a smartphone or tablet computers. If you fly multiple planes, you will have one portable familiar navigation tool that you can rely upon.

It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to learn how to get to any airport, anywhere in the world. Search airport descriptions, identifiers, or nearest lists. Pick a spot on the map and with a single press insert it into your flight plan and immediately see the bearing, bearing line, and distance to that location from your current GPS location.

Download VFR GPS Airplane Navigation

Unit Converter Pro

This Unit Converter is a fast and easy to use tool with 18 categories of conversions, including;

✓ Temperature Converter
✓ Mass Converter
✓ Length Converter
✓ Speed Converter
✓ Volume Converter
✓ Area Converter
✓ Energy Converter
✓ Fuel Converter
✓ Angle Converter
✓ Pressure Converter
✓ Time Converter
✓ Digital Storage Converter
✓ Force Converter
✓ Sound Converter
✓ Concentration Converter
✓ Density Converter
✓ Power Converter
✓ Space Converter
✓ Metric to Imperial

Download Unit Converter Pro