Today’s List of Paid Apps That Are Free at the Play Store Including Little Stars 2.0 – Sci-Fi Strategy Game and More

Kind of late to the weekend party, but here we are.

Leprica PRO Castles Races: Humans, Ancients, Nagas

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Castles Battles - Leprica online battle is a colorful world inhabited by three warlike races: Humans, Ancients, Nagas. Battles are their life, victory is their goal! Choose your side and become the leader of a brave army! Strategic castle defense games are the classic game genre loved by many people, and Castles Battles will once again let you plunge into the atmosphere of fair battles, where the outcome of the battle depends only on the player.
Defend your castle from the warring party using all your capabilities. This is the main task of the player. Castle wars are impossible without experienced soldiers, so participate in battles, gain experience, earn points and coins which can then be used to improve the level of your units.
Castle siege does not last long if you choose the correct battle tactics and strategy. To crush everything in your path and win the castle battle easily, you need to understand the advantages of different types of soldiers and properly form an army, wisely spending available coins on it.
Experience comes from battles, the higher the League, the more opportunities the player gets, the stronger his soldiers become.

Download Leprica PRO Castles Races: Humans, Ancients, Nagas

Tank Raid Online Premium

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Join up with friends, plan your tactics and get ready for an intense real-time PvP battle! Unlock more than 20 fast-paced tanks of exclusive skills, own the best arsenal of weapons and put your strategy into action in 4 different multiplayer game modes:

- 3v3 Galaxy Football: capture the crystal ball from the center of the map, holding and “shooting” it to opposing team’s goal while fighting with them. A game of true football competitive style!

- 3v3 Team Death-match: Gain scores for your team by eliminating opponents, fight to absorb the ultimate power of the galaxy stone which appears at last 1 minute of the battle. The team with most scores at the end of the match wins!

- 1v4 Solo Death-match: 5 players battle in a round arena on Galaxy. Upgrade your tank’s damage and HP by 10% in the middle of the fight by owning the galaxy stone or stealing it from others. The player with most kills wins.

Download Tank Raid Online Premium

Little Stars 2.0 - Sci-fi Strategy Game

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★ Minimalistic real-time space battles and sci-fi visuals. Command, conquer and defeat your enemy on the battlefield!
★ High replayability and addictive classic RTS gameplay
★ Single-player: over 162 offline levels! “Deep Cosmos” and “A Song of Quasars” are available now!
★ Upgrades: use different tactics and strategy based on situation to win the war. Defend your Star systems by increasing their space shield capabilities. Or use a different strategy and upgrade their ship production rate to win in a Strategic War.
★ Dominate unlimited levels in Random Free Battle mode
★ Waypoints: create waypoints for quick and easy control over the battlefield. (touch and drag)
★ Time and efficiency challenges for each level!
★ Play offline or multiplayer games on one device!
★ Control the game speed by swiping on the bottom of the screen
★ Leaderboards to enjoy the game with your friends
★ Many achievements to get
★ Collect all black stars and unlock special skins
★ Command your fleet and launch strategic strikes against your enemy for control of the Universe. Restore space civilization.

Download Little Stars 2.0 - Sci-fi Strategy Game

Ultimate Memory Booster - Brain Relaxing app 2019

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Ultimate Memory Booster - Brain Relaxing app 2019 is a brain relaxing music app. In this you will get Music that will boost your memory and relax your brain. you just have to concentrate on it. We know that music is ultimate pain and stress relief weapon. so with this music your will feel relax and your stress will be relief. you will feel like a new day and your stress will gone within minutes. Our music will also help you to sleep. you will get good sleep after listening to this.

Download Ultimate Memory Booster - Brain Relaxing app 2019

IP Subnetting Practice

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This app has following operating features:
- Generates an IPv4 address along with subnet mask as a Question.
- User can enter their answers for the Network address, Broadcast address, First host and Last host in the respective fields.
- User can check the individual answer by 'Check' button.
- 'Help' returns the correct answer to cross check the answer written.

★ No additional special permissions required.
★ No Internet connection required.
★ No ads.
★ Symbolic price.

Download IP Subnetting Practice

Super Hearing Oreo 8.0 (Amplifier Equalizer PSAP)

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Hearing Aid for Oreo uses audio capabilities of Android Oreo 8.0 to deliver lowest-latency, fastest-response Hearing Aid app on Google Play!

- Use headset or device microphones
- Listen on earphones or device earpiece/speakers

- Uses Oreo low latency audio for a practically usable Hearing Aid app!
- Runs in background, even with screen off!
- Tested: 10 hour continuous use on single battery charge (Nexus 4 - Oreo 8.1)

- Easy swiping between Volume, Equalizer and Settings screens
- Use Volume screen for overall volume setting
- Boost Hi-Band on Equalizer to compensate for age-related hearing loss
- Use Settings screen to choose which microphone and speaker to use.

Download Super Hearing Oreo 8.0 (Amplifier Equalizer PSAP)

Duplicate Files Cleaner PRO

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- Remove all
- Remove selected ones
- Remove all except the latest copy
- Remove all except the oldest copy
- Remove all duplicates from device storage

Download Duplicate Files Cleaner PRO

Empty Files & Folders Cleaner PRO

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Empty Files & Folders Cleaner is an application to find and remove empty & useless files & folders inside the storage devices of your android device.

This is not like other app's in-app feature, it is far more advanced and flexible.

Please read the description to find out more:


- Scan device storage, SD card and USB drives in a single scan

- Go ahead and close the app, and do whatever you want with your phone. The scan will be running in background and once it is complete, you'll get notified.

Download Empty Files & Folders Cleaner PRO

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