Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free or on Sale at the Play Store Including Dungeon Shooter and More


Got a mix of games and apps for you today.

Wild Tank | Pro Edition

Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free and on Sale at the Play Store Including HEXASMASH 2 and More

Drive into the town, the village, the Front, the river, and the battlefields of different battlefields, battle with endless enemies, blast them, rescue your partner and even ruin the resistance of your enemies as your trenches at your most critical times! You will experience a very realistic tank battle experience on your mobile device with a high-quality image, a great sense of war, a realistic battle atmosphere, to avoid enemy ball throws to achieve victory. Come immediately! The world's conquest is now beginning!

Download Wild Tank | Pro Edition

Mindsight - A Mind Stretching Casual Game

Mindsight is a minimalistic evolution of a match-3 game. The goal of the game is to find all sets of three adjacent symbols whose characteristics either match or differ. Each symbol has three characteristics: Color, Shape, and Shading. The color can be blue, green, or red. The shape can be a triangle, a circle, or a square. And the shading can be solid, striped, or empty. Each of these characteristics either need to be the same or different for three consecutive horizontal or vertical symbols to make a set. You beat the level when you’ve found all possible sets on the board.

Download Mindsight - A Mind Stretching Casual Game

Dungeon Shooter V1.1

1. About the Death Cave:
There are three white stones in the scene, each one destroyed will reduce the ability of the boss, Be careful to avoid the boss before these stones are destroyed.(It will drops Blood Gem and Ancient Runes after V1.1.19)

2. About guns dropping:
Dialogues with the guard, click on the Creatures dialog box, and then fight,there is a chance to drop guns after killing boss.

Download Dungeon Shooter V1.1

The Ball Reach

A Balance Ball Game.

The aim of the game is to balance the ball & avoid it from falling...

You will see some traps on your way...

Control the ball by arrow control on the screen...

you are able to move the camera all way around in "horizontal"...

This Game doesn't support music...

The Game has 9 levels in total...

Download The Ball Reach

Mall Tycoon - Billionaires Club Game

Welcome to Mall Tycoon - Billionaires Club Game! Ready to make some money? Buy businesses, hire managers, upgrade your stores and make billionaire contracts while expanding your mall empire! Enjoy!

A game by The Lonely Developer - An Independent Developer

Download Mall Tycoon - Billionaires Club Game

Hexagon Puzzle

Hexagon puzzle game

Explode the boxes, get the scores!

Strengthens intelligence and improves practical thinking.

The most popular puzzle game!
Small size next to it everywhere!

Addictive creative puzzle game! Fill the colored boxes, fill the lines and blow them!

Download Hexagon Puzzle


Top features of Digits:
☆ Add shortcut code to 6 apps
☆ Takes less space
☆ Easy to open app
☆ You can hide apps and open with shortcut
☆ Press 1, 2, 11, 22, 12, 21 to open apps
☆ Automatic backup of settings

☆ Add widget to home screen
☆ Choose app for each action
☆ Enter code in widget to open apps

Download Digits

QR Reader & Generator PRO

QR Code Reader is the best frame code and barcode reader for Android, QR and Barcode preparation application. Every kind of frame reads code and barcode and is very easy to use.

QR & Barcode Scanner and Generator features:
● Beautiful and minimal design
● Read instantly
● Easy to use
● Flashlight for reading in bad visibility conditions
● Browsing history
● Create QR code and barcode.
● Record barcodes!
●No Ad-contains

QR Code Reader; It can scan and read all 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional bar code / frame code types including text, url, ISBN, product, contact, calendar, e-mail, location, Wi-Fi and many other formats. After reading, the user is presented with only relevant options for the frame code or barcode type and the user can make the appropriate action.
The QR Code Reader application is the one-frame code reader / barcode scanner you need.

Download QR Reader & Generator PRO