Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free at the Play Store Including HEXASMASH 2 and More

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Some, ahem, interesting apps today.

Muder - Music Sight Reading

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Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free and on Sale at the Play Store Including HEXASMASH 2 and More

Muder is fast, effective and easy to use. It lets you customize the exercise and increase the difficulty. With the base level, you can exercise only with natural notes. Then, when you will feel ready, you can include accidentals or/and key signatures, you can change clef and learn to read all the notes in every key and position. ?⚡️

Muder lets you also track your progress efficiently. You can analyze your answers and improvements month to month, so you can easily reach your goal and become a better musician. ??

Download Muder - Music Sight Reading

NoPo Gold: Stop Fap / Quit Porn / NoFap app

Just gonna leave this here

NoPo Gold has been co-designed by experts (psychiatrists and psychologists) who have worked with people suffering from various kinds of addictions, including p**n / mastur**tion addiction. The app uses techniques inspired by clinical therapy like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), motivation enhancement therapy (MET) and mindfulness practices. Similar techniques have been used since many years in clinical therapy.

These techniques are part of the 'daily activities' section of the app. Everyday you are expected to spend 15 min. of your time on daily activities. This helps in consistently working on quitting po*n / f*p addiction. Daily activities section consists of meditations, 'did you know' section consisting of articles and videos, 'prepare yourself' section which involves introspective exercises and 'streak update' where you update your status of whether you abstained from p**n / f*pping during the last 24 hours.

Download NoPo Gold: Stop Fap / Quit Porn / NoFap app

Keep Screen Awake

NEW! Quick Setting Tile (requires Android Nougat or above) to toggle screen timeout in the most convinient way.
• Quickly toggle screen timeout with compact and easy to use widget.
• Screen always on mode.
• Multi-tap support for switching between different screen timeout values.
• Up to 6 user definable custom timeout values, that you're able to quickly switch between using double and triple taps on widget.
• Option to restore last active timeout state on device boot.

Download Keep Screen Awake


Hexasmash 2 includes:
• 80 action packed levels with more levels coming soon!
• Realistic physics environment. Experience and utilise accurate bounce, friction, gravity and more.
• Awesome effects and nice HD graphics.
• Fast paced, powerful ball shooter.
• 20 or more physics objects including many switch operated mechanical objects.
• Great controls. Aim accurately and shoot with the power you choose.
• Heaps of options in the menu. Control rotation speed, sounds, even graphics performance.
• Google Play Game Services achievements and leaderboard.
• 9 language translation options.
• 100% Free with no advertisements!

Download HEXASMASH 2

Overdrive Premium

- Tutorial for newbies to walk all through the game.
- Playable offline without Internet connection.
- Smooth game control experience
- Heroes to be upgraded, customised & equip with epic weapons & armor suits and more!
- Ultra-stunning sci-fi graphic & effects
- Giant bosses with unique attacks to slay.
- Marvelous combos with a variety of weapons.

Download Overdrive Premium

Human Heroes Einstein On Time

Through a collection of exciting mini-games, interactive stories and various other activities, kids will learn how to tell the time (a National Curriculum learning area), experience the passage of time and understand the nature of time itself and how it’s affected by speed and gravity.

In this revolutionary educational experience, you have the opportunity to be taught by the creator of the theory of relativity himself! Presented as an interactive 3D character, a dancing, quirky Einstein will be your very own personal tutor; guiding you through the various games, helping you when you struggle, and telling you jokes. You can even ask him questions about his life and his scientific achievements!

Download Human Heroes Einstein On Time

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