Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free at the Play Store Including Dungeon999 and More

Anil Ganti

The titles are on free for a limited time only and may go paid at any moment. If you see a price next to the “install” button on the Play Store, it isn’t free anymore. Once you download a paid title that’s free, it’s yours to keep even after the promotion ends and you can reinstall it on any other device linked with the same Google Play Store ID.


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Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free and on Sale at the Play Store Including HEXASMASH 2 and More

- Cheaper than a Mcdouble cheeseburger!.
- Dungeon that seems to go on forever but eventually has an ending!
- A unique storytelling of a One man army, full of old jokes likely to appear in 90s TV show!
- Various casting with wonderful effects, which you can advance additionally!
- Strategic fun of finding a proper attack method for each slime!
- Ambiguity that promotes a sense of expectancy for the following sequel.
- If you read it all the way down to this line, why don't you try it yourself??
- 10 Crystals are provided to all users from the beginning of the game!

Download Dungeon999

Text Analyzer Pro

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Text Analyzer is a simple to use text analyzing tool for counting words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs in your text that you can type, paste, or just take a picture of it. Moreover, get reading speed, overall sentiment of the text, entity analysis with wikipedia links, syntax and morphological analysis, synonym recommendations, download nicely structured pdf of the analysis.

To analyze the photos, we use Machine Learning Kit provided by Google to analyze the text from the image.

Download Text Analyzer Pro

Mathematiqa - Brain Game, Puzzles, Math Game

Mental mathematics not only stimulates your mind but also helps you get a better number sense.

This app is perfect for students and kids who are learning basics of arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. And also suitable for adults to keep their mind and brain in good shape.

Mathematiqa builds mental math skills quickly and increase capacity to hold multiple pieces of mathematical information in the head simultaneously.

Choose among three difficulty levels: novice, expert and legend. The more difficult the game is the more you have to think and the more your brain will workout.

Download Mathematiqa - Brain Game, Puzzles, Math Game

Rigoletto - Squircle Icon Pack

How to apply this Rigoletto squircle ring Icon Pack/Icon Changer ?
This icon pack supports numbers of popular launcher such as nova launcher, evie launcher and many more. Follow these steps to apply
1. Open Rigoletto squircle ring Icon Pack App
2. Navigate to Apply Icon Pack Screen
3. The app shows a list of launcher that are supported such as nova launcher, evie launcher etc. Select the nova launcher installed on your phone to apply icons from this icon pack.
4. The app will automatically applies the icons from this icon pack for nova launcher.

Download Rigoletto - Squircle Icon Pack

CookAid - Recipes & Nutrition

CookAid provides more than 300,000 recipes from around the world, including nutritional information, health scores and recommended daily charts. Recipes are organised into various categories, diets and food types and a range of global cuisines. Presented in a simple-to-follow format including images of all ingredients and recipes, instructions can be easily followed in your own kitchen.

Download CookAid - Recipes & Nutrition

LiquidPlayer Pro - music,equalizer,mp3,radio,3D

• Support the Most Popular Music File Formats : mp3 , wav , pcm , aac , aac+ , aac64 , ogg , ...
• Chromecast-enabled
• Mixing Mode with customisable mixing time
• Automatic volume control
• Auto Tagging
• Lyrics and Artist information fetcher
• Bass / Treble Effects
• 5 bands Equalizer and 10 Presets
• Support Reverberation Effect
• Plays and records Live streams
• Real time 3D Visuals with beautiful transitions
• Headset controls
• Multi language support **
• Sleep Mode
• 32 bit and 64 bit support
• Widget Support
• and much more

Download LiquidPlayer Pro - music,equalizer,mp3,radio,3D

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