T-Mobile roadmap reveals possible HTC 16MP Windows Phone 7

Source: Pocketnow

A T-mobile roadmap has quietly revealed a Windows Phone 7 from HTC called HTC Bresson. According to This is my next blog the phone will tout a 16MP camera and is slated for release this September. That's also the time when Microsoft is scheduled to unleash its next WP7 update codenamed "mango" so chances are, Bresson will come pre-installed with this update. The phone carries a stark resemblance to a Desire S, which in our defense, so do all HTC phones. For our sake, we hope it's not just another phone which bumps up the mega-pixel count and retains the same mediocre image quality found in most 8MP smartphones. HTC doesn't exactly have a stellar record when it comes to camera quality, so here's hoping they actually use a good sensor this time around.

Source: This is my next

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