Tim Cook Believes AR Is ‘a Critically Important Part of Apple’s Future’, Highlighting the Company’s Ambitious Head-Mounted Wearable Project

Omar Sohail
Tim Cook Believes AR Is ‘a Critically Important Part of Apple’s Future’, Highlighting Its Ambitious Head-Mounted Wearable

Tim Cook does not comment on future products but has discussed the underlying technology such as AR that is critical to Apple’s success and what will drive the user experience of those products. He talks about the importance of augmented reality in a recent interview, and these talks might cement a belief that we are expected to see one heck of a head wearable from the company.

Tim Cook Believes AR Will Take off in Various Fields

Journalist Kara Swisher’s Sway podcast included Tim Cook’s interview of seeing himself remain Apple’s CEO for the foreseeable future. Cook responded by stating that he might not be running the company in 10 years. While a decade is still a long way to go, let us keep our focus on the present, and more specifically, Apple’s push into AR. In the interview, Cook talked about how AR will play a role in Apple’s future.

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“In terms of AR, the promise of AR is that you and I are having a great conversation right now. Arguably, it could even be better if we were able to augment our discussion with charts or other things to appear. Your audience would also benefit from this, too, I think. And so when I think about that in different fields, whether it’s health, whether it’s education, whether it’s gaming, whether it’s retail, I’m already seeing AR take off in some of these areas. I think the promise is even greater in the future. So it’s a critically important part of Apple’s future.”

In terms of development, Apple’s rumored AR headset could be its greatest venture yet. According to a series of reports, this head-mounted wearable is slated to arrive in 2022 with eye-tracking support. To provide a seamless AR experience, Apple is also rumored to use a combination of 15 cameras and microLED screens while also focusing on making the AR headset lightweight to prevent unnecessary fatigue. However, at a reported $1,000 apiece, Apple’s first AR-centric product might not share the same success as the company’s other products, but only time will time.

The technology giant’s dive into AR is not just limited to a lightweight headset but also a pair of smart glasses. Unfortunately, you will probably have to wait until 2025 to see them up-close and personal.

News Source: NY Times

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