This iPhone App Lets You View Instagram Stories Anonymously and Even Save Them

Uzair Ghani
Regrammer app for saving Instagram Stories

Regrammer app for iPhone lets you view Stories on Instagram anonymously and even save them to your Camera Roll if you like.

iPhone App Regrammer is Absolutely Free and Does what the Official App Fails to - Give Anonymity to Users While Checking Out Stories

Stories managed to find itself a nice little home in Instagram and we are huge fans of it too. It's a personal snippet from the user highlighting what's going on and it can be used in a million other ways. You can share a small video message, a quote, a street performer showing off their skills and whatnot. But there is one small problem with Stories. The moment you tap on a Story to view it on Instagram, your name shows up in a list with other people which the original poster can see that have viewed that particular Story. Basically, there is no anonymity here. Every time you tap on a Story, your name shows up.

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What if you want to be anonymous? What if you want to save that Story too? Well, you can do that with a free app from App Store called Regrammer. As good it may sound, there is a small catch you have to know about.

That catch is a rather obvious one too. See, Regrammer works on public profiles for Instagram only. If you are hoping whether or not this will work on a private account, it just won't. And this is something which you need to respect too.

Regrammer for iPhone app on App Store

So, once downloaded and installed (link below), how does it work? You launch the app, and you simply search for an account which you want to view. Once you open the profile you want to see, you'll see the Stories posted by that user. Just tap on the Story, then tap on the Share button, and then tap on Repost on Instagram. Once you tap on it, the Story will be saved to your Camera Roll. You obviously don't have to repost the Story on your own Instagram.

So there you have it. Regrammer just let you view a Story completely anonymously and you can save the Story to your device too. Whether it's a video or photo, it will just work. And you don't have to sign into anything either for it to work.

Give the app a shot and let us know in the comments what you think about it.

Download Regrammer for iPhone [App Store link]

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