This Fallout 76 Caps Stashes Mod Makes Bottle Caps Tins Easier to Spot and Collect


A new Fallout 76 Caps Stashes Mod makes it easier to spot and collect Bottle caps tins.

The mod, created by modder Ratmonkey, makes caps stashes glow brightly in one of 5 selectable colors, including green, blue, red, yellow, orange and purple.

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We’ve included some screenshots of the caps stashes mod in action down below:

Installation of the mod is fairly easy:

1. Open downloaded file. Unzip/Extract it somewhere. Pick your color by choosing a folder. (Red/Green/Blue/Purple/Orange)
2. Extract mod to your Fallout 76 data directory.
3. Add CapsTin.ba2 to your archive load order list in Fallout76Custom.ini
4. Profit.

Those interested in this handy new modification for Bethesda’s online Fallout prequel can download it through Nexusmods here. Last week, we covered another mod from Ratmonkey - the Easy Sorting and Tagging Mod which makes it easier to sort items.

Fallout 76 is available for PC and consoles, although this mod is only for PC.