These New PC Fallout 76 Mods Improve Performance and Enhance User Experience

Two new PC Fallout 76 mods have been released which are aimed to improve the game’s performance and enhance the user experience.

The first mod comes from modder ‘S3AN’ and is basically a pack of optimized .ini files to improve Fallout 76’s experience and performance by lowering or disabling some visual effects.

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We’ve included some screenshots of the game while using these optimized files down below:


Those interested can download S3AN’s optimized Fallout 76 .ini files here.

The other modification for Bethesda’s online Fallout prequel is focused on improving player experience by easy sorting and tagging the inventory.

RatMonkey’s Easy Sorting and Tagging Mod adds tags to the beginning of items in the PipBoy inventory, making it easier to sort items. It also adds junk tags to misc junk.

A short video of the mod in action has been included below as well:

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The Easy Sorting and Tagging mod can be downloaded here.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC and consoles, but the mods mentioned above are only available for the PC version.

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