These are the Samsung Galaxy Devices Getting 3 Generations of Android Updates


When Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 20 series at the Galaxy Unpacked, one of the surprising and perhaps the best announcements for any Galaxy user was that Samsung announced that the future Galaxy devices will be getting 3 generations of Android updates. This does not mean 3-year support, but your phones will run three different Android versions as they go ahead in time.

However, at the time of the announcement, things were not as clear as Samsung only mentioned the devices it had released at the event. Well, that changes today as the company has shared a list of devices that will be receiving 3 generations of Android updates.

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Samsung Shares a Big List of its Devices That Will be Getting 3 Generations of Android Updates

For those interested, this is the list Samsung shared with us.

  • Galaxy S series:
    • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
    • Galaxy S20 Ultra
    • Galaxy S20+ 5G
    • Galaxy S20+
    • Galaxy S20 5G
    • Galaxy S20
    • Galaxy S10 5G
    • Galaxy S10+
    • Galaxy S10
    • Galaxy S10e
    • Galaxy S10 Lite
    • Upcoming S series devices
  • Galaxy Note series:
    • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
    • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
    • Galaxy Note 20 5G
    • Galaxy Note 20
    • Galaxy Note 10+ 5G
    • Galaxy Note 10+
    • Galaxy Note 10 5G
    • Galaxy Note 10
    • Galaxy Note 10 Lite
    • Upcoming Note series devices
  • Galaxy Foldable devices:
    • Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G
    • Galaxy Z Fold 2
    • Galaxy Z Flip 5G
    • Galaxy Z Flip
    • Galaxy Fold 5G
    • Galaxy Fold
    • Upcoming Z series devices
  • Galaxy A series:
    • Galaxy A71 5G
    • Galaxy A71
    • Galaxy A51 5G
    • Galaxy A51
    • Galaxy A90 5G
    • Select upcoming A series devices
  • Tablets:
    • Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G
    • Galaxy Tab S7+
    • Galaxy Tab S7 5G
    • Galaxy Tab S7
    • Galaxy Tab S6 5G
    • Galaxy Tab S6
    • Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
    • Upcoming Tab S series devices

To clarify the situation further, let's look at the Galaxy S20 which launched in February earlier this year with Android 10; which means that the update cycle is going to bring with Android 11, and go all the way to Android 13. Samsung has also announced that the S20 series will be the first in line to get Android 11, later this year.

For other devices, Samsung has stated how they are “committed to providing the latest Android OS upgrades until the hardware specifications allow to provide the optimized mobile experience for our users

So, it definitely is something that we are looking forward to.