Samsung Wants to Sell a Lot of Galaxy S22 Devices

Furqan Shahid
Samsung Wants to Sell a Lot of Galaxy S22 Devices

For some time now, the Galaxy S series has not been performing as well as Samsung would want it to. However, the South Korean firm is hoping that this lacking performance changes next year when Samsung finally unveils the Galaxy S22 series.

Samsung's Plans with the Galaxy S22 Series Are As Ambitious As They Get

According to a new report, Samsung is expecting the global smartphone market share to reach nearly 22% next year. The company reported expects the global smartphone increase to 1.52 billion units and is also hoping to sell 390 million of the devices. When you break down the 390 million units, Samsung firm expects the Galaxy S22 series to make up 33 million units.

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Allegedly, Samsung has targetted to sell 14 million of the base Galaxy S22 units, 8 million of the Plus variant, and 11 million of the Ultra variant, and these numbers are global. The company is expecting to sell 267 million units of the Galaxy A23 and A33 and 92 million units of the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A73.

Samsung is also reportedly planning to improve its marketing strategies and focus on offering more colors along with the features at the same price so these additions can help improve the sales. It seems like Samsung is also looking into cost optimizations when you are talking about smartphone production. Last but not the least, there is a chance that the company could also bring ingress protection rating to more phones like they have done with the A-series phones in the past.

If the report is correct, then the plans Samsung has are very ambitious, to say the least. The Galaxy S22 series is certainly looking promising. We will have to wait and see how the devices perform in the global and home market. Let us know what you think of the upcoming Samsung devices.

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