The Witcher Netflix Series Reveals New Looks at Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer


Ever since it was announced that The Witcher was coming to Netflix, a lot of people have had some very strong opinions about who ought to be cast in show. Those opinions didn’t mellow much once the cast (headlined by Superman himself Henry Cavill) was announced. Well, Netflix has now revealed new images of The Witcher’s core cast, including Cavill as Geralt, Freya Allan as Ciri, and Anya Cholatra as Yennefer, and it seems most of the concerns were unfounded. Check out the cast below (click on the images for full resolution).

Of course, I’m sure some will still have issues with the casting, but I’d say everyone’s looking pretty badass, and solidly Witcher-ey. My one issue would be Yennefer, who looks kind of young. Yennefer is supposed to be beautiful, of course, but also mature and Geralt’s equal in terms of experience. Anya Cholatra looks like she could be Henry Cavill’s daughter, but I guess we’ll wait and see if the dynamic works.

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The Witcher Netflix series will be based directly on Andrzej Sapkowski’s original novels, rather than CD Projekt Red’s take on the universe, although it’s been hinted some elements may be lifted from the games, as well. The first season of The Witcher will consist of eight episodes, which will be directed by Alik Sakharov (Games of Thrones, Rome), Alex Garcia Lopez (Daredevil, Fear The Walking Dead), and Charlotte Brändström (Colony, The Disappearance). The series is being executive produced by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich who previously ran various Netflix Marvel series. In addition to Cavill, Allan, and Cholatra, the cast includes Jodhi May as Queen Calanthe, Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson as the knight Eist Tuirseach, and Adam Levy as the druid Mousesack.

The Witcher TV series hits Netflix later this year. What do you think after seeing the main cast in costume? Will you be watching?