The Witcher 3 Redux Mod Just Got Updated to Version 2.0


The Witcher 3 Redux, the 'light' gameplay overhaul mod made by Nexus Mods user floppypig, is getting updates at a neck-breaking pace.

Only two days ago we reported that The Witcher 3 Redux had been updated to version 1.9, making tweaks and changes to its ambitious Adaptive Human Intelligence (AHI) mechanics where Geralt's foes will learn from his combat moves in order to improve their fighting skills.

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A few hours ago, The Witcher 3 Redux got yet another update that brought the mod at version 2.0. Below you can find the full changelog as it was shared on Nexus Mods by the creator. As a reminder, this mod only works if you add it to a fresh new game save, it won't work on previous saves or even New Game Plus mode.

  • Reworked Whirl/Severance. In summary, Whirl with Severance works the exact same as previous versions of the mod. Whirl on its own however now drains less Stamina and doesn't drain Adrenaline at all but stops its generation.
  • Enemies can no longer parry if they have 0 stamina. Vanilla says it works like this, but it doesn't.
  • Reworked Sign skill "Melt Armor". Will now lower damage resistance instead of Armor based on Sign Intensity. Armor is a useless stat in the game, especially mid-late game.
  • Modified combat skill "Crippling Strikes" to damage 2% of the enemy's MAX health, instead of current. Dropped apply chance from 15% to 10% per Adrenaline Point.
  • Fixed Description of the "Attack is the Best Defense" general skill.
  • Added some flair to the Archgriffin Decocotion - will briefly slow down time when activated.
  • Fixed Igni "Core Ability" damage tooltip from not taking into account the damage boost from the Pyromaniac skill if equipped.
  • Decreased attack power bonus Adrenaline Points provide from 15% to 10%.
  • Slightly increased the health of Bruxas and Alps.
  • Minor modification to critical hit chance calculations. Having a critical hit chance of >=200% will allow for critical hits to be scored against enemies who are usually immune. This makes abilities like "Killing Spree" more viable.