The Witcher 3 Mod Gervant Fully Supports First Person Combat

Alessio Palumbo
The Witcher 3 mod

The Witcher 3 mod 'Gervant' fully supports first-person combat in the game made by CD Projekt RED. Creator crthdr released an updated version of the mod last week, fixing several outstanding issues.

We previously reported on another The Witcher 3 mod called First Person Camera Reworked. However, the creator of that mod freely admits that Gervant First Person delivers a more complete first person experience in the open world action roleplaying game.

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That said, you should be warned there are several differences compared to the regular third person gameplay.

By default movement in first person is modified:

  • Player character is rotated with camera (unless performing some action)
  • You can move back and sideways (move forward animation is used)
  • Hold "Move forward" to do short attack. Don't hold "Move forward" to attack in place. Hold "Modify Attack Distance" to do long attack.
  • Automatic guard stance is disabled
  • Combat target lock is disabled
  • Knockdown is changed to stagger
  • Roll in combat is changed to jump
  • Cannot roll to reduce fall damage, damage is always reduced
  • Modified movement has no inertia. You can instantly run in opposite direction

This The Witcher 3 mod also comes with a few limitations, as outlined by its creator.

  • In rare cases it is very hard or impossible to interact with some objects in FP. Solution: briefly switch to 3rd person for interaction.
  • HairWorks is not supported and is automatically disabled (in TP too)
  • Realistic foot placement is disabled in FP. It does not matter on foot but can be slightly annoying when riding horse down slopes.
  • Boat camera is lower quality. Changing boat speed with mods is not supported in FP.
  • Vanilla limitation: the higher FOV is the more streaming issues will occur.

You can take a look at a video demonstration of The Witcher 3 mod 'Gervant' in the video below. As a reminder, CD Projekt RED has scheduled a next-generation patch for PC and consoles to be released in the coming months.

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