The Witcher 3 Redux 3.2 Introduces Tweaks For Bosses, New Steel Sword and More


The Witcher 3 Redux gameplay overhaul mod recently received a brand new version that brings more changes to the game.

Version 3.2 introduces a brand new craftable steel sword called Alzur, which is able to summon Alzur's Thunder when charged.

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Added new craftable steel sword "Alzur" (upgraded version of Iris). It is supposed to be the steel equivalent of Aerondight and will summon Alzur's Thunder when charged.

The Witcher 3 Redux 3.2 also brings some changes to the combat skill Deadly Precision, as well as enemy and bosses tweaks and more.

  • Redesigned combat skill "Deadly Precision". Instant kill chance is now based on successfully executing defensive Witcher techniques. See skill section for more details.
  • Made Rotfiends immune to instant kill so Geralt doesn't die from their explosion when the effect activates.
  • Improved Caranthir and Eredin's stats, and made them deplete more Adrenaline with each hit and inflict Drain.
  • Lowered potion duration secondary bonus from Alchemy skills from 25% to 20%.

You can download The Witcher 3 Redux from Nexus Mods.

The Witcher 3 Redux is a lore-friendly gameplay overhaul that places a bigger focus on preparation. Changes are not massive as in other gameplay overhaul mods, but they are good enough to spice the experience up.

This mod can be considered a "light" gameplay overhaul as it doesn't fundamentally change the gameplay mechanics, but still makes enough major changes to be considered more than just gameplay enhancements. Its main purpose is to make the gameplay feel more realistic and lore friendly where preparation is key. After all, a witcher with no potions is half a witcher. It also attempts to stretch out the levelling elements across both expansions and overhauls the skill system, so you're not wasting skill points after level 30 just to unlock the later skill tiers in the other trees. The changes are of course subjective but I think they make the minute to minute gameplay more interesting.

The Witcher 3 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.