The Witcher 3 Redux 3.0 Rebalanced Burning Critical Effect, Tweaks Human Bosses And More

Francesco De Meo
The Witcher 3

A new version of The Witcher 3 Redux gameplay overhaul mod has been released online, introducing more gameplay tweaks.

The 3.0 version rebalances the Burning Critical effect with reduced chances but increased damage during rain and storms.

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  • Rebalanced the Burning Critical Effect as it was a little over-nerfed. See heading below for details.
  • During Rain/Storms, burn chance from Igni is lowered by 10/20%, respectively.
  • During Rain/Storms, if an enemy catches alight, burn damage is increased by 10/20%, respectively.
  • The character screen now displays alternate Igni burn chance when players equip the skill.

The Witcher 3 Redux 3.0 also adds Elemental Armor ability to Gargoyles, improved Root Attack for Leshens, and tweaks for human bosses.

  • Added Elemental Armor ability to Gargoyles – they were accidentally missing in the last update.
  • Leshen “Root Attack” now scales with enemy level and is a lot more punishing.
  • Lowered mini-boss/boss human enemy vitality bonus further from +100%/200% to +75%/100%, respectively.
  • Lowered follower damage by 20% – they were a little over-powered

The rest of The Witcher 3 Redux version 3.0 changes can be found below.

  • Wyvern Decoction no longer affects damage over time and fixed a bug where a successful dodge would still increase Toxicity.
  • Fixed rare issue with combat skill “Fleet Footed” where Geralt would sometimes not have the critical chance bonus applied.
  • Toxicity should now display on Geralt’s face when drinking Decoctions and should hopefully be less buggy in general and correctly change with toxicity levels.
  • Lowered “Whispering Hillock” quest werewolf regen by 50% – was still too powerful for early game.
  • Renamed the Preservation runeword to Augmentation. Slightly reworked it so it applies table and grindstone bonuses each time you are in combat, there by circumventing the vanilla Preservation bug.
  • DL(v1.6): Excluded a bunch of named characters.

The Witcher 3 Redux 3.0 can now be downloaded from Nexus Mods.

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