The New War Drops Today in Warframe Across all Platforms at Once

Alessio Palumbo
The New War

Digital Extremes announced that The New War free update is live today in Warframe across all platforms, adding the much anticipated cinematic expansion to the game. According to Digital Extremes, The New War will take players on a journey across sixteen planets and three open worlds all throughout the Origin System.

Steve Sinclair, Creative Director for Warframe at Digital Extremes, said:

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We are incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to develop The New War for a community of players that continues to be overwhelmingly supportive and patient. We've always considered our storytelling our greatest strength - and to finally continue this story alongside our community is just one of the wildest and most rewarding experiences. We truly put everything into this - we hope we have given our Tenno their best chapter yet in "The New War'.

Rebecca Ford, Director of Community and Live Operations for Warframe at Digital Extremes, added:

It’s an incredibly emotional experience for all of us on the team to finally deliver The New War to players. Our community of Tenno that have waited so long for this moment - we share every emotion on this journey with them! This next chapter is full of surprising twists and turns and will take players to new areas in Warframe in unexpected ways. We can’t wait for players to discover this experience today.

For lots more on The New War, check out our recent first-look preview.

Digital Extremes is also launching Harrow Prime Access today. For a limited time, players can instantly unlock or earn Harrow Prime (a monastic Warframe that uses the Void to bolster the defense and amplify the lethality of its allies) and his signature Weapons and Accessories.

Warframe will get cross-play and cross-progression at some point in 2022. Next year will also see the debut of Warframe on Mobile.

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