The Mysterious Teen-Friendly App ‘Houseparty’ Captures The Spirit Of Meerkat


Remember Meerkat? The mobile app that enabled users to broadcast live video streaming through their devices? The platform may have begun the frenzy of live video streaming a few years ago. Now, it seems that its creators have taken a different approach in their new Snapchat-like group video calling app called Houseparty. While the platform was previously living in the haze of being a mysterious app, Life On Air, has confirmed to The Verge that it has built the Houseparty app. Let's see some more details on what the app is all about.

Houseparty App Going Strong In Attracting Younger Users

The new app has been in the testing phase since the beginning of this year. The company behind the app was up to distance itself from the Meerkat name as its CEO revealed that its doing away with live video. There were no details on what the new app was going to be about. However, we did get to know that Housyparty will be a video-centered social network. In this time, Housparty has gathered a lot of traction, which comes mostly from teenagers. So what is the new app about? Why did it succeed to build a strong user base?

When we first said that the app is much like Snapchat, we mean that some of its features design aesthetics are similar. The app targets younger users with its interface with dredged emoji and much more. When you first launch the app, the app jumps right into the camera interface. By the sound and the look of it, Houseparty feels quite similar to Snapchat that we're all familiar with.


The app also packs in a lot of exciting features that you can make use of. Not to mention that the app has its own benefits when compared to Apple's FaceTime experience. For one, the layout of the app is pretty fun and easy to use. It encloses you in a friendly way and removes the old dust of the plain and simple layout just as that of FaceTime. While FaceTime provides a very straightforward video chatting experience, Houseparty allows you to chat with multiple people at the same time. This is the true essence of the app that makes it social. Even though the creators of the app have been profound about the variations in their objectives, Houseparty does keep the Meerkat's spirit alive.

Other features include the fun addition of Easter eggs, like "stranger danger" that warns you if a mutual friend that you may or may not know joins the chat. Houseparty is pretty fun if you're into group video chats. The platform has also had a good start in the App Store, and the company behind it is expecting to see the trend grow.

From a mysterious app to hitting over a million downloads on the App Store, Houseparty has come out of the closet. We will keep you guys posted for more details as soon as we hear them. The app is available on both iOS and Android, so be sure to check it out if you haven't already.

As for now, what do you guys think about Houseparty? Would you be willing to give it a swing? Share your thoughts in the comments.