The MSI Optix AG32C is on sale for up to $80 off this week!

Evan Federowicz

Newegg's recent sale for Halloween has brought some great discounts, this includes the MSI Optix AG32C, a 1080P 165Hz monitor for the low price of $249.99 (with the mail-in rebate included by Newegg). While this monitor isn't as fancy as the 34" Mi Surface, does come with its own set of bells and whistles.

The AG32C is a Curved 1080P 165Hz monitor for the low price of $249.99!

Some of the features of this monitor are:

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  • 1080p Resolutions
    • While some may find this odd to be a feature, I do personally enjoy having a 1080p monitor rather than 1440p, only people it takes fewer resources to display to a 1080p monitor and with the very respectable size of 32" along with this monitor being curved. 1080p will be a great resolution for any gaming rig, with this monitor at the helm.
  • 165Hz refresh rate
    • 165Hz refresh rate means that you will never miss any of the action going on screen, Seeing as a higher refresh rate does improve gaming performance as shown by Linus Tech Tips.
    • This is higher than most other monitors as they most cap out at the refresh rate of 144Hz (unless overclocked).
  • 1ms response time
    • This 1ms response time means that each pixel refreshed (or resets) at a blazing speed so there should be little to none of the screen smearing effects that some of the higher refresh rate monitors have
  • Support for AMD FreeSync Technology
    • This means that there will be no screen tearing effects on the monitor as it syncs the monitors refresh rate with the frame rate that your GPU is able to push out
  • Along with a Frame-Less design and Red Colored LEDs already installed
    • The Frame-less design allows for next to seamless dual monitor set up and the LEDs in the back a very nice addition to add some flare to this monitor. Sadly, these LEDs have no RGB functionality to them instead only able to have the Red out of RGB shine through them.

Above all the MSI Optix AG32C (at the on-sale price of minus $80 dollars from the retail) makes this monitor one of the cheaper, of the high-end 1080p market. I give this monitor a most definitely check out as this monitor features far outweigh the simple resolution issue of being stuck at 1080p.

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