MSI Has Announced The Optix G27C5 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor – 165 Hz Refresh Rate On A 1080P Resolution

Evan Federowicz

MSI has announced the Optix G27C5 Curved Monitor that features a 165 Hz refresh rate with a 1 ms response time and a 1080p resolution. This monitor also features a Frameless design as well as an adjustable stand, which easily allows users to change the position of the monitor with little effort. The Optix G27C5 features a 1500R curvature to the display to offer a more immersive gaming experience.

The Optix G27C5 Curved gaming monitor features a 165 Hz refresh rate, a 1080p resolution, and a 1500R curvature to the display

MSI utilizes a curved VA display that features a 1500R curvature, and a 165 Hz refresh rate. The curvature alongside the faster refresh rate allows this monitor to be more comfortable for a wide range of applications ranging from general computing to gaming. The 1500R curvature provides for much more immersion in the gameplay.

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The 165 Hz refresh rate offers the most benefit for high-action games like racing sims, FPS, and sports games because these game genres usually require fast and precise movements. Other games should also see an improvement as well, even games that don't need quick movements will see a visual increase from the faster refresh rate. This monitor offers 178° of wide viewing angle, and this broad viewing angle allows users to have more leeway for placing your monitor while still providing fantastic color and details.


To ensure that the visuals of this monitor are fantastic, MSI has included FreeSync support, which eliminated screen-tearing and screen-stuttering. MSI also included anti-flicker technology, and this reduced the flicker that produces fatigue over time. Most monitors have a flicker-rate of about 200-times per second, while this monitor's flicker-rate is substantially lower. To allow users to game for long periods, this monitor is optimized to produce less blue light when compared to standard monitors.

This monitor features a Frameless design making it perfect for a multi-monitor display. For connectivity, the Optix G27C5 curved gaming monitor features a single DisplayPort 1.2, two HDMI ports, and an Audio out port. MSI hasn't announced pricing for the Optix G27C5 curved gaming monitor at this point, but the Optic G27C4 is currently priced at $340, and the Optix G27C5 should be priced similarly.

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