EVGA Introduces The XR1, The World’s First OBS Certified Capture Device

Source: EVGA

EVGA announces the XR1 Capture device, designed for many users ranging from Power Users, a Working Professional, and even for Gamers/Streamers. This device also features customizable ARGB LEDs, which can even act as a way for users to see their audio levels at a glance and the build-in control dial to easily control the audio without having to make any changes in your OBS scene.

EVGA announces the XR1 Capture devices and is currently running a promotion for a free XR1 Capture card

EVGA's XR1 capture device has been built for various users, ranging from professionals to streamers/gamers. This device is a perfect choice for any gamer that utilizes OBS and a capture card to have significantly less stress on your PC.

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Source: EVGA

The XR1 is also perfect for the Power User and the Working Professional. The Working professional can connect the Digital Camera Recorder / Digital Camera through the HDMI input and output it through the USB Type-C port.

Working Professional
Source: EVGA

The Last users, the Power User, usually require a few different capture cards. Still, multiple XR1 capture cards can be connected to the same PC to allow for various angles or game console screens to be quickly recorded by OBS.

Power User
Source: EVGA

The XR1 Capture Card is the world's first device that has been certified to work with OBS or Open Broadcaster System. OBS is a free and open-source software for both video recording or live streaming used for various streamers and content creators. OBS can be quickly downloaded and installed without a single issue.

This device is Plug and Play; this device doesn't require a driver installation allowing players to connect the XR1 and immediately start streaming with OBS.

The XR1 Capture Card comes with the EVGA XR1 RGB Software, allows the players to fully customize more than just the ARGB lighting but also the sound through the Microphone in and the Line out.

For connectivity, the XR1 Capture card features two 3.5 mm audio ports, a USB Type-C port, and two HDMI ports, which allows for the up to 4K HDR pass-through mode to be supported.

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Currently, EVGA is running a promotion to get the ability to get a free XR1 Capture card after taking a quick survey.

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