The Medium Gets Dual-Reality Trailer, Pre-Orders Available Now


During today's Xbox Games Showcase event, Bloober Team delivered a brand new 'Dual-reality' trailer for The Medium, its upcoming psychological horror game for Xbox Series X and PC. Check it out below, alongside new info on the game mechanics.

In the new Dual-reality trailer of The Medium, first seen live during the Microsoft Xbox Series X game showcase event, players can explore both the physical and spirit world realities displayed at the same time in the body of Marianne, a medium hounded by visions, living and interacting, across two worlds: the real and the spirit world. Throughout the trailer, Marianne’s movement through both worlds is controlled by a single analogue stick, while using different interactions between each of the worlds to solve puzzles and explore various paths. Viewers can also catch a glimpse of how Marianne in the Spirit World has different abilities than the real-world Marianne, including an ability called Out of Body.

Launching on Xbox Series X and PC in the 2020 Holiday season, The Medium renders two fully-fledged and visually distinct worlds simultaneously with no loading screens. Having access to both worlds gives a unique perspective to the tension-fueled, psychological horror game as the dual-reality gameplay with this visual fidelity only being possible on next-gen hardware.

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Pre-orders for The Medium are now available as well via the game's official website. Those who purchase the game on Steam are getting the original soundtrack, featuring a ‘dual’ score soundtrack by legendary composer Akira Yamaoka, of Silent Hill fame, and Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski, and the digital artbook for The Medium.

Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno recently revealed the scope and ambition for this new IP, as well as its budget.

For years, we were a developer who created games rather on lower budgets. We have been observing Platige productions for a long time, but at that time we didn't have the financial means to cooperate. Our studio started to develop and take on more and more productions, the natural thing was that we wanted to create an AAA game.

The Medium project is big and we wanted to hire the best, so we turned to Platige. We not only gain from the business side, but we also receive creative support. Platige has experience with the film website. We also have such experience, but in this cooperation we get not only material that makes this project look very good, but also a lot of substantive input, which we think will enable The Medium to become the hottest game of the year end.

In the case of The Medium, it will be over PLN 30 million (€ 6.7 million).