The Division Preload Now Available For All Platforms


The Division preload for the beta is available for all platforms, now. It began yesterday for Xbox One, since Microsoft's console will have the beta gates opened on January 28 rather than January 29, but it's finally available for PC (via UPlay) and PlayStation 4 users too. If you have already redeemed your beta code, the ability to preload The Division beta should be in your library; you can also check the status of your beta access at this address.

the-division-preloadThis will be definitely necessary for some users with slower Internet connections, as the beta download is 26.26GB on the PC, though the prompt actually mentioned a required hard drive space for The Division preload of 28445mb which is actually 27.7GB.

A bunch of PC screenshots from the private beta were leaked again a few hours ago. These appear to feature previously missing effects like NVIDIA's HBAO+, kicking up the graphics quality a bit.

Of course, almost three years after that infamous E3 2013 reveal, everyone is eager to play the game at long last. Look for our first impressions shortly after the beta begins.