New The Division PC Screenshots; Maxed Out 1080P, HBAO+


New The Division PC screenshots have been uploaded online, and the visuals show how the game looks like maxed out in 1080P with HBAO+.

Yesterday we reported how the screenshots that leaked earlier this weekend, weren't representative of what the game looked like with maxed out settings. While the newly published screenshots don't include effects such as Lens Flares, Vignetting, Chromatic Aberration, and Post FXAA, they do show Nvidia's HBAO+ (ambient occlusion) tech in action - a feature that was missing in the visuals that leaked earlier.

"HBAO+ improves upon existing Ambient Occlusion techniques to add richer, more detailed, more realistic shadows around objects that occlude rays of light. Compared to previous techniques, HBAO+ is faster, more efficient, and significantly better", according Nvidia.

Some games that use HBAO+ include, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Far Cry 4, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Titanfall.

The new screenshots were uploaded to IMGUR by Reddit user Wolfiezee - the same user who mentioned that ambient occlusion was missing in the screenshots that leaked this weekend. He posted the following on the The Division Subreddit:

These screens are representative of what maxed out 1080p footage will look like at this current build, however, without effects such as Lens Flares, Vignetting, Chromatic Aberration, and Post FXAA. You can thank u\Voodo-Tfn for taking these excellent screenshots.

If you see, these screenies have HBAO+. You can clearly see it in the objects in the environment, and under the player’s hood, whereas the previous footage there was none. If the previous footage contained any AO, it was very low quality and not HBAO.

Also, note that basically all of these are not taken in sunny weather, either. Keep that in mind before you post the usual “Where are the amazing god-rays and light shafts” and all that jazz.

I will say that from these screens, the snow shaders seem to be on the fuzzy side sometimes, and they, in some instances, look weirdly low res compared to the rest of the world’s textures, which are beautifully crisp. In addition, the reflections on windows and buildings are not as high quality as e3 2013.

However, other than that, I think that this game, graphically speaking, from these screens, looks absolutely magnificent. (I’m not gonna actually use the words "nearly as good as e3 2013” because people will lynch me, lol. Love you guys.) Although Voodoo assures me that the screens don't do the game justice, even still, and that it looks "pretty damn close" to e3 2013 when he is playing it.

NOTE: As confirmation from Voodoo himself, there is a weird video capture issue he is experiencing, likely with the game itself, that makes the gamma higher, damages the image quality, and makes the picture look brighter and more washed out.

The Division will release on March 8 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. A beta will release in 2 days for Xbox One. PC and PS4 players can play the beta on January 29.