The Callisto Protocol Drops a Gruesome Red-Band Extended Trailer, Game Isn’t Doing Co-op


The Callisto Protocol turned a lot of heads at The Game Awards, but the debut trailer for the new Dead-Space-like horror game was missing something – gore. Sure, we got a nice glimpse of a slime-drooling alien monster, but no kills. Well, a new extended red-band version of The Callisto Protocol’s trailer has been released, and it delivers all the tentacles and death you could want. Check it out for yourself, provided you have a strong stomach.

The Callisto Protocol is “AAAA” and Still Coming Late 2022 Says Krafton, New Images Shared

Prior to revealing the new extended trailer, The Callisto Protocol masterminds Glen Schofield and Steve Papoutsis held a brief Q&A. Most of the subjects covered were things we’ve heard about, but they did also touch on the important issue of co-op. Many would argue Schofield’s Dead Space series lost its way when it began to focus on co-op play, so it’s with some relief that I report The Callisto Protocol will be strictly single-player. Here’s what Schofield had to say on the matter…

This is a story that we wanted to tell and the best way to tell it was being a single-player game. Sometimes when you get into co-op, you go in different directions and you’re not following the story as well and not only that, we wanted you to be alone. That’s what makes this really scary.

Need to know more about The Callisto Protocol? You can get more details here. Schofield has promised the game will largely stick to the formula he laid down in the Dead Space games.

You know, [I] have a particular style, and I can’t get away from my style. My style has grown and maybe matured a little bit, but it is my style. I’m sure there’ll be some familiar vibes within the game.

The Callisto Protocol is coming sometime in 2022. Platforms haven’t been specified.