Want to Test Samsung’s Galaxy Model From Within Your iPhone? The Company’s ‘iTest’ Program Makes This Possible


If you made the mistake of picking up an iPhone and want to make a switch in the near future but do not know where you would start? Samsung has a solution for you, and it is called ‘iTest’; continue reading on how you can use it.

iTest Is an Interactive Website That Lets iPhone Owners ‘Sample’ out a Galaxy Phone

If you visit iTest right now, iPhone owners will see the website being advertised in New Zealand, as we found this out when we clicked on the interactive webpage. You will be required to install a web app on your Home screen if you are visiting it for the first time, and from there, you will be navigated into a simulation of a Galaxy smartphone. This will include a custom home screen that not only grants you access to a completely different skin but other additions too.

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For example, you can open up a wide range of apps and check out the ‘Settings’ menu while you are at it. The only thing you cannot do at this time is experience iTest when using your iPhone in landscape mode, most likely because Samsung is yet to bring certain improvements to the latest service. The experience is unique and surprisingly fluid to use, with a few jokes added to help you hooked onto it slightly.

Despite the fact that Samsung appears to be advertising iTest in New Zealand, it is available for everyone who is in possession of an iPhone. All you have to do is copy the link and paste it into Safari, Apple’s default web browser. Shortly, you will be off to the races. If you like what you see, perhaps you should consider upgrading in the coming months.

After all, this is one of Samsung’s more improved ways to help iPhone owners migrate to a Galaxy smartphone, and if you check it out yourself, you will see that the Korean giant has done a decent job.