Telltale Games and Marvel Partner-up for a Guardians of the Galaxy Game

The legendary outlaw Star-Lord and his group of misfits are coming to your consoles. Last year, Telltale Games announced a partnership with Marvel Entertainment to create a new game set in the Marvel Universe. It turns out the secret project is going to be a Guardians of the Galaxy game, according to an SAG-AFTRA listing. shared the screenshot of the PDF that listed games in development that have not struck a new deal with SAG-AFTRA. The listing below shows Guardians of the Galaxy - The Video Game aka Blue Harvest along with The Walking Dead Season 3 under the company O' Farrell Entertprises, LLC.

guardians of the galaxy listing

As you may recall, SAG-AFTRA recently went on strike and this list would serve as a negotiation tactic to show games that would be affected by the strike. SAG-AFTRA started its strike against select video game companies in October for better wages, according to the Union President Gabrielle Carteris:

It’s important to us to see progress on the issue of secondary compensation. In the spirit of compromise, we made it an option, but they’re taking advantage of that to make it look like we are having a dispute over terminology, when it fact our dispute is about the biggest dispute these parties have had in the 20-plus years that this contract has existed.
Telltale Games nor Marvel Entertainment have not commented on the leaked 2017 title, but Eurogamer added substance to this particular rumor and stated it may be revealed at Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards event in December. We will keep an eye out and update you once we get more information. Blue Harvest is neat little Star Wars Easter Egg as it was the name for Return of the Jedi used during its filming, and Guardians of the Galaxy's humor and action seem like a good fit for a TellTale Games style project.
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