Tell Me Why Is Free to Grab on PC and Xbox For the Whole Pride Month

Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why, DONTNOD's narrative adventure game released between August and September 2020 for PC and Xbox consoles, is now free to grab for the entirety of June as part of Pride Month. This offer is valid on both the Microsoft Store and Steam.

The game features twin protagonists, one of which, Tyler, identifies as a transgender man, in a first for a triple-A game. DONTNOD consulted with the non-governmental organization GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to ensure that the character would be portrayed appropriately. In particular, Nick Adams (Director of Transgender Media & Representation at GLAAD) consulted on the project and recommended August Aiden Black, a transgender man himself, as the voice actor for Tyler.

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In his review of the game, Rosh rated Tell Me Why nine out of ten.

Tell Me Why feels like an evolution for the studio. Although they continue to demonstrate great skill in portraying challenging topics with empathy and thoughtfulness, there is something else here. Maybe it's just that the central characters are older than the studio's usual focus, but Tell Me Why feels more mature. As to whether the game handles Tyler and his story correctly, you’ll have to go out and find another critique will more experience and knowledge on that particular subject than me.

Tell Me Why uses everything it can to get you invested. The puzzles are creative and often use the game's systems in a way you might not expect, while the characters are incredibly interesting and the story is powerful.

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