Tekken 7 Director Says Denuvo DRM Is Causing Performance Issues In The Game

Tekken 7

Last month we reported on Durante's technical analysis of Denuvo DRM technology in Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition. As you might recall, his conclusion was that Denuvo DRM increased loading times but didn't actually impact performance in the game as many gamers had surmised.

However, a couple days ago Tekken 7 Director Katsuhiro Harada revealed via Twitter that Denuvo DRM is responsible for frame rate drops in the PC version of the fighting game, particularly when hits such as Akuma's Shakunetsu Hadouken are performed by the player.

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Harada also said that the fix should come directly from Denuvo soon; once that happens, Bandai Namco will be able to update the game accordingly.

Tekken 7 launched on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June 2017. At the time, Dave reviewed the game with a 9/10 score proclaiming that the King had reclaimed the throne in the fighting game genre (though it might be threatened soon by another Bandai Namco hit, Soulcalibur VI).

What else is there to say? Tekken is back, and with its seventh installment has created one of the very best competitive fighters on modern consoles. Whether you’re a noob that wants to button mash against friends or a fighting game pro, Tekken 7 is worth it. Just don’t expect the story mode to be anything more than a short diversion.

This is possibly the best Tekken has ever been, and a slightly slim selection of modes can’t take away from that. If you want one of the best fighting games to be released this year, Tekken 7 is essential.

The game recently added Final Fantasy XV main protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum to its roster. Xbox One X fans might have to wait quite a while to see Tekken 7 properly enhanced for the console, as Harada said in February that they would have to update the Unreal Engine 4 version of the game first. Similarly, a port for the Nintendo Switch might be considered in the future but only if there's enough demand for it.

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