Tales Of Berseria New Trailer Showcases Characters And Battle System, DLC Already Available On The JPN PS Store


Tales of Berseria, the latest entry of the Tales of series, is still somewhat far from its Western release, but Japanese fans will be able to get their hands on the latest Bandai Namco role playing game in less than two months. With the game being so close to its Japanese release, the publisher has been promoting it heavily with plenty of new material.

A few hours ago, a new Tales Of Berseria trailer has been made available online, showcasing the game's playable characters and flashy battle system. All characters will come with some pretty unique abilities, so all players will be able to find a character which suits their play style. The trailer also shows some mini-games and customization features. You can check out the new trailer right below.

Bandai Namco is known for releasing plenty of DLC packs for its games shortly after release, but with Tales of Berseria the publisher is going one step further. A few hours ago, the first Tales of Berseria DLC packs have become available for purchase on the Japanese PlayStation Store, most likely by mistake. Among the DLC packs are the usual game booster packs, attachments and costumes.

The Tales of Berseria battle system, a new variation of the Linear Motion Battle System employed since the original Tales of Phantasia, builds upon the innovations introduced in Tales of Zestiria, allowing players to move freely on the battlefield, control the camera without limitations and more. The game will also feature plenty of sub-systems such as the staple Mystic Artes and a skill system.

New combat moves and skills will be featured in Tales of Berseria – with a new attack type included in the Liberation-LMBS (Linear Motion Battle System). ‘Mystic Artes’ are powerful special attacks that cause huge damage to enemies with an impressive cut-in animation. Players can also strengthen a character to activate new and hidden skills as the game progresses. There are lots of different effects that skills can have on a character, with three types of equipment skills that can be activated: the ‘Master Skill’, the ‘Enhancing Bonus’ and the ‘Random Skill’.

Tales of Berseria launches this August in Japan on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The game will release early next year on PC and PlayStation 4.