Take-Two Execs: Buzz Around Private Division Titles Is Very Strong; We’ve Got Lots More Unannounced

Alessio Palumbo
Private Division

Private Division, founded in December 2017 as a Take-Two subsidiary, is about to release its first games (with the exception of Kerbal Space Program) as a publisher.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey by Panache Digital Games (the new studio of Assassin's Creed creator Patrice Désilets) is set to launch on August 27th for PC, with console versions expected later this year. About two months later, on October 25th, The Outer Worlds by Obsidian Entertainment is also set for release with a simultaneous debut on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Take-Two executives talked about the upcoming Private Division releases during the recent Q1 2020 earnings call. Chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick commented that the buzz around the two games is 'very strong'.

The structure of those titles economically are as we -- if we are able to create hits, they have the same pound for pound economic benefit than any of our other titles around here. So, there is a great opportunity. But that opportunity would be delivered to the extent that we deliver hits. And we never claim success before we have it, ever. That said, our expectations are high. The buzz is very strong. The team there at Private Division, led by Michael Worosz, takes the quality part of our strategy exceedingly seriously. They are very disciplined, they are very, very selective. And we're grateful that we get to work with some of the best creators on earth.

During the call, Take-Two President Karl Slatoff also suggested that Private Division is already working on additional unannounced projects.

[...] for Private Division, we’ve announced three titles to date. Private Division has been in existence for quite some time and we tend to only announce things when we are ready to announce things about games themselves. We have a lot of other activity that we haven’t talked about with Private Division. But those are the three games that we’ve announced. Ancestors with Patrice Désilets, Panache Games; we have The Outer Worlds with Obsidian; and we also have we just announced recently of Disintegration with V1, which is Marcus Lehto's studio. So, that’s all we have to say at the moment, but you should expect more in the future.

We're checking out Disintegration at gamescom this year. Stay tuned for our impressions!

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