Square Enix Announces Partnership with People Can Fly for New AAA PC/Console Game


Publisher Square Enix has announced a development partnership with Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly for a brand-new AAA title.

According to Square Enix’s official press release, the new game will be released on both PC and consoles.

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“We’re massively excited to be working with the talented team at PCF in Warsaw, a studio filled with people who really know their craft,” said Lee Singleton, Head of Studio at Square Enix London Studios. “We’re building a game we all want to play which will be the perfect addition to our portfolio.”

“It’s an exciting time,” said Sebastian Wojciechowski, Studio Head at People Can Fly. “We’ve got a great and experienced team in place, and it’s incredible to be working with Square Enix, a world-class publisher who shares our passion and excitement for the project.”

Square Enix mentions that the title won’t appear in the publisher’s E3 line-up.

Aside from developing Bulletstorm and the recent Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, People Can Fly is also responsible for the PC version of Gears of War and co-developed Gears of War 3 and Judgement. The studio was purchased by Epic Games back in November of 2013 but regained its independence back in 2015.