T-Mobile to Pay $350 Million to Customers Affected by 2021 Data Breach


T-Mobile has finally reached a settlement to a class-action lawsuit and has agreed to pay $500 million for a data breach that happened in 2021.

The massive leak managed to expose the personal information of around 76.6 million U.S. residents. This leak included Social Security numbers, names, addresses, as well as driver's license information of all T-Mobile customers.

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T-Mobile Has Agreed to a $500 Million Class Action Lawsuit Settlement with $150 Million Going to its Security Improvement

An amount of $350 million will be divided between those who have been affected by the breach who respond to the class action settlement and the lawyers on the case.

As far as the individual payout is concerned, that depends on how much the lawyers are paid and how many people claim the settlement, in the first place. So, various T-Mobile customers end up getting paid different amounts.

However, the court filing does not have any separate terms for the people affected differently by the data breach. So even if not all the personal details of the affected were leaked, they would still be eligible for an equal settlement.

As far as the remaining $150 million of the $500 million settlement is concerned, that will go towards the security improvements that T-Mobile will be making across the network fro now and 2023.

For those wondering, T-Mobile will be notifying the affected subscribers about the settlement. Once that is done, you will have to follow the procedure and claim the amount for yourself.

You can read all about the settlement here.

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