System Shock Remake Shows Off 7 Minutes of Straight Atmospheric Gameplay

System Shock

The long-in-development System Shock remake is slated to finally arrive this summer, and developer Nightdive Studios have released the largest chunk of footage from the final version of the game yet. There aren’t a lot of cuts here – this is pretty much just a straight look at how exploration, combat, and other aspects of the game will work. Check it out for yourself, below.

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System Shock Remake Trailer Bring SHODANs Hatred for Humanity to a New Level

Looking pretty solid! I’m digging the atmosphere and unique visual style. Action looks a bit iffy, but this is a horror game, not a full-on shooter, so that’s forgivable. Haven’t been keeping up with the new System Shock? Here are its key features:

Nightdive has given the entirely remade System Shock the full treatment, recreating the fan-favorite title for modern players with all-new HD visuals, updated controls, revamped hacking, and a renovated Citadel Station with all sorts of new areas and secrets to uncover.

  • The Return of SHODAN: The talented Terri Brosius returns to bring her unique vocal venom to the villainous AI SHODAN
  • Hackers Gonna Hack: System Shock features a totally revamped hacking system featuring new 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) gameplay, providing new enemies and challenges
  • Familiar but… Different: Citadel Station is bigger and more terrifying than ever with all-new areas, traps, puzzles, and of course, plenty of secrets to uncover
  • The Sound of Terror: Re-recorded audio logs provide players with a drip-feed of horrifying lore as they piece together exactly what went wrong for the dwellers of Citadel Station
  • Robots and Zombies and Lasers… Oh My: Blast, smash, and occasionally flee from re-imagined enemies like angry Repair-Bots, "Hopper" Mobile Lasers, mutants, cyborgs, and all kinds of bloodthirsty monsters and aggressive automatons

The System Shock remake arrives on PC (via SteamGoG, and the Epic Games Store) this summer. Nightdive Studios have reconfirmed that everyone who pre-orders will get a copy of System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition for free.

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