Switch Between Genie or Scale Window Minimizing Effect in macOS – How to


Here's how you can switch between Scale or Genie window minimizing effect in macOS running on your Mac.

Scale or Genie Effects Define the Window Minimizing Effect - Set Yours to Better Suit Your Needs

A lot of times we take system animations for granted. They have a profound effect on how we use a certain device. Be it a phone, tablet, desktop, notebook, animations really add brilliant icing to the cake. That's just not it though, it can even make the entire operating system feel fast (or slow) depending on how you judge things.

In macOS (and even OS X) you have the option to select two type of animation effects. These animations kick in whenever you minimize a window and send it to the Dock. The animations are called Genie or Scale. You can freely switch between the two if you so like. In fact, if you think your Mac feels a little slow, you can add a tinge of speediness to proceedings by switching over to the Scale effect. We will show you how you can switch.


1. Launch System Preferences from the Dock or the menu bar.

2. Now click on Dock in the list of available options.

3. Look for an option labeled 'Minimize windows using.'

4. Select either Genie or Scale then close the window, or minimize it if you want to try out the animation instantly.

As the name implies, Genie effect will add a wonderful "genie"-like effect to the window before minimizing it to the Dock. The Scale effect is rather simple as it cuts down on everything fancy and opts for a simple minimizing effect. I highly prefer the latter if you want to make your Mac feel faster than how it currently is. Besides, even if you do not like the effect, you have the complete option of reverting things to how they were.

If you have an older Mac at hand, then you can breathe new life into it by opting for Scale effect. To top things off you can disable transparency effects. This will take a handful of load off your Mac's GPU, ensuring things run as smoothly as possible. If things seem slow still, then you might want to consider upgrading your Mac. There's a chance tossing in a SSD might do wonders for you as well. But still, explore your options before parting with your hard-earned cash.

Macs aren't cheap at all.