Samsung Ready to Hit Earlier in 2014 with Super AMOLED 8″ and 10″ Tablets

Rafia Shaikh

Korean manufacturer hasn't previously launched many tablets with AMOLED displays. However, as the rumors go, Samsung is all ready to launch its AMOLED tablets earlier in 2014. samsung amoled tablets

Samsung AMOLED tablets - 8" and 10":

Samsung has already launched its Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 with AMOLED display sporting a 196ppi screen. According to news coming from various fronts, company has started its mass production of Samsung AMOLED tablets. It must be noted that till recently, producing OLED screens in the midsize range with 8" to 10" dimensions has been an expensive process. Hence Samsung has traditionally focused more on its smartphones' and its televisions' displays than its tablets' screens.

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Samsung's famed AMOLED display technology has been mastered by both the Samsung and LG. However, this technology hasn't yet been incorporated much in the tablets considering the cost issues. As the reports go, Samsung is now ready and is mass producing its 2014 lot of 8" and 10" tablets paired with super AMOLED screens.

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If these info bits are true, the first quarter of 2014 is going to be packed with Samsung mobile technologies. Samsung Galaxy S5 along with a few other smartphones and more 8" and 10 inch tablets will enter into the Android world with Super AMOLED displays.

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