Google Third-Party App Integration – Google Search and Google Now

Rafia Shaikh

Google third-party app integration will now retrieve results from third-party apps in Google Search and Google Now. The number of these third-party apps is limited, however, strict integration will bring to user more value and ease of access.

Google third-party app integration in Google Search and Now:

Google has updated Search and Now application on Android to integrate search results from third party applications. When you will search now, you will notice a button next to some entries saying "open in app", IF you have the relevant app installed.

“Google Search can make your life a little easier by fetching the answer you need for you — whether it’s on the web, or buried in an app.” - Google

Google is keen to increase the third-party apps integrated with Google Search and Google Now as the time goes. Right now, it is only the start and many apps have been tightly integrated. Google will retrieve the relevant search results from these integrated apps giving you a choice to directly access information inside those third-party apps.

Google third-party app integration with Search and Now will also improve the overall content readability. Since most of the apps are designed for smartphones and tablets, reading and accessing content is easier than focusing on browser itself.

With this, Google has actually taken its Search and Now applications a notch higher. Better user experience, better targeted results and more open access to third party apps data.

Now when you will search for a movie, you will see results from IMDb with a button able to transfer you from browser to IMDb app.

“You might get your trivia from IMDb, the box office stats from Wikipedia and ratings from Rotten Tomatoes” - Google.

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