Stunning Cinematic Video Shows True Capabilities of The iPhone 14 Pro’s Camera

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iPhone 14 Pro Cinematic Short Fil Video Camera

Apple launched the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models last month with a plethora of improvements. While the display and its Dynamic Island are one of the forward-facing additions, the camera on the iPhone 14 Pro models has been upgraded with a 48MP sensor. The camera quality of the iPhone 14 Pro has been received pretty well, and Apple took it to the next level by offering a wide range of new options like enhanced Cinematic Mode and Action Mode.

The Latest Cinematic Short Film Shows What the iPhone 14 Pro's Camera is Capable of - Video

There is no doubt that the iPhone's video-taking capabilities are superior to most flagships in the market. With that said, filmmaker Joey Helms took his videography skills to the next level with the iPhone 14 Pro's Cinematic Mode. Take note that the filmmaker used his entire film crew, expensive lighting gear, and much more to make it happen. Other than this, Helms excels in his videography skills, and the amount of talent is shown in a 2-minute and 15 seconds video.

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Apart from the gear, Helms took their sweet time on the compilation and video editing in Final Cut. He also added that the final editing only takes into account 1 percent to 5 percent of the total footage. If you are interested in learning more details on how he did it, Helms has also shared a 15-minute and 30-second tutorial video. You can check the tutorial video below for more details.

The iPhone 14 Pro is a massive upgrade as far as the camera is concerned. The flagship is capable of taking 48MP ProRAW photos with acute detail and focus. Apple also enhanced Cinematic Mode on the iPhone 14 Pro with the option to record in 4K resolution. Action Mode, on the other hand, offers gimbal-like stabilization. You can check out more details on the iPhone 14 Pro camera in our announcement post.

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