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Street Fighter VI Will Reportedly be Revealed Monday at the Conclusion of Capcom Countdown


Earlier this week, Capcom set tongues to wagging when they launched a good old-fashioned countdown website, set to expire this coming Monday. Needless to say, everybody started throwing out their favorite Capcom franchises, from Devil May Cry to Dino Crisis, but what are they actually teasing? Well, on the most recent episode of Jeff Grubb’s Grubbsnax, he made it pretty clear what to expect – Street Fighter VI.

I've heard it's Street Fighter VI, from multiple [sources]. So, I'm ready to be surprised, but... everyone should just expect Street Fighter VI, because that's what I've heard.

Street Fighter VI was already a top guess, as it’s about time for a new game in the series to be announced, and next Monday also happens to play host to this year's Capcom Pro Tour Season Finals. Capcom has been teasing the next iteration of Street Fighter for a while – they recently released Street Fighter V’s final character, Luke, who they promise will be key to the next entry in the series. Rumors about Street Fighter VI have been circulating for years, including that the game was originally slated for 2021, but was pushed back due to development issues.

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Here’s how Capcom describes Street Fighter V’s final character Luke. Could his unique mechanics hint at broader changes coming in Street Fighter VI? Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out…

Brand new to the Street Fighter series, Luke is an eager and headstrong character who experiences a tragic childhood event that brings him to enlist in the U.S. military. Luke’s various costumes incorporate aspects of his military background and MMA-inspired fighting style. Luke’s move set involves unique mechanics that are brand new to SFV. In addition to standards, such as a zoning projectile in “Sand Blaster” or an anti-air with “Rising Rocket,” Luke comes equipped with various target combos and methods of getting in on his opponents.

Meanwhile, his V-Trigger is special in that the V-Timer increases as time goes by or as he does damage using specific moves, giving him an edge against opponents who run away once Luke activates his V-Trigger. On the other hand, if Luke takes damage, his V-Timer decreases, rewarding opponents who manage to stay on offense versus Luke.

Capcom’s countdown ends this Monday (February 21) at 10am PT. What do you think they’re preparing to show? SF6 or something else?