Street Fighter V Official Netcode Update Has Been Inspired by Fan-Made Patch, Analysis Reveals


A new Street Fighter V update has been released on PC and PlayStation 4 and, as previously announced, it brings a netcode update which improves online play considerably.

Following the update's release, several started looking at the updated netcode to check how things have been improved. According to reports, the official update has been inspired by Altimor's patch released on PC a few weeks ago, as the game now adjusts the value of framehead based on the ping from every frame and not on the ping measured at the beginning of the match.

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Capcom is also looking for players' feedback, so it seems like work on fixing the Street Fighter V online experience is far from being done.

Last week, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition has been released on PC and PlayStation 4. This new version of the latest entry in the series by Capcom includes all of the content released so far for the game, including all characters, stages and most costumes.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is the ultimate pack that includes all content (excluding Fighting Chance costumes, brand collaboration costumes and Capcom Pro Tour DLC) from both the original release and Arcade Edition. It also includes each character, stage and costume that released after Arcade Edition. That means 40 characters, 34 stages and over 200 costumes!

Not counting the additional content, which can be bought separately, the Champion Edition is basically the Arcade Edition that has been released two years ago, which introduced an Arcade Mode and several other improvements over the original release.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition finally brings the fight to everybody. Whether you want to button mash with friends, prove your skills to the world, or just engage in some low-stakes solo fighting, Arcade Edition has you covered. If you’ve been holding out until now, it’s time to step up to the streets.

Street Fighter V is now available on PC and PlayStation 4 worldwide.