Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Final Season 5 Character Leaked


The final Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Season 5 character has been revealed ahead of the official announcement thanks to an email sent by Twitch.

As reported by Kotaku, this email provides details on today's Winter Update livestream, which is also set to reveal the identity of the final DLC character for the game. The character is Eleven, the prototype of Twelve from Street Fighter III Third Strike that has been originally revealed in Urien's character story.

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Today's Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Winter Update livestream will provide new details on the upcoming update, which will include balance tweaks, a new gameplay mechanic, and more. The livestream is also set to provide new details on Dan and Rose, the first two Season 5 DLC characters.

  • Dan - A mainstay from the Street Fighter Alpha series and last appearing in Street Fighter IV, Dan Hibiki will be bringing his (over) confidence and iconic “Taunt” to Street Fighter V. A training partner of Ryu and Ken, Dan considers himself well-equipped to “school” other players with his unique Saikyo-ryu (“Strongest Style”) fighting style. Release timing: Winter 2020
  • Rose - Rose is a fortune telling fan-favorite character who also previously starred in the Alpha series and Street Fighter IV. Using her tarot cards, Rose will arrive armed with a variety of unique special moves and plans to channel all of her Soul Power energy into Street Fighter V. Release timing: Spring 2021
  • Oro - Last appearing in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Oro is an ancient martial arts master who exists as an immortal hermit. He restricts one of his arms from use in order to give his opponents an advantage, but that won’t stop Oro from being one of the most well-trained and powerful fighters in Street Fighter V. Release timing: Summer 2021
  • Akira - First introduced in Capcom’s 1997 fighting game Rival Schools: United by Fate, Akira Kazama is preparing to make her Street Fighter debut. As an acquaintance of Sakura, Akira has previous ties to the Street Fighter universe and is gearing up to bring her biker style look and clever gimmicks to Street Fighter V. Release timing: Summer 2021
  • ???? – You may also remember we previously said there would be five characters for Season V… but we’re not quite ready to announce our fifth yet. Stay tuned for info on that later on!

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is now available on PC and PlayStation 4 worldwide. A free trial is now available on PlayStation 4 as well.