Street Fighter V Team Looking Beyond Popularity Polls For Future DLC Characters


Street Fighter V, the new entry of the popular series developed by Capcom, is going to receive some additional characters during the course of 2016. More will be coming beyond 2016 and Capcom associate producer Peter Rosas, also known as Combofiend, has shared more on how the team will decide on future DLC characters.

In a new interview with Paste Magazine, Peter Rosas revealed that Capcom will be looking beyond popularity polls to decide future Street Fighter V DLC characters. Mr. Rosas revealed that the team will be looking at three different qualities: if the there's enough support for the character if they're returning, if they represent a martial art that has never been present in the series and what country does the style originate from, and what style they fit in.

“I’d say the three qualities [in future fighters] we would be looking at are: is there enough support for the character if they’re returning,” said Rosas. “Do they represent a martial art that has never been present in a Street Fighter game and if so, what country does that style originate from; and lastly, what style [e.g. mid-range, grappler] do they fit into and is there an opportunity there?”

The Street Fighter V team already made some interesting choices for the Street Fighter V starting roster, so it will be interesting to see what fighters will eventually be introduced to the game beyond this year.

Yesterday the Street Fighter V beta has gone live briefly for a tech check with a limited character selection. A few hours ago, the beta has gone live fully with the same roster of the previous round of testing from a few weeks ago. The new version of the Street Fighter V beta has also allowed players to check out some new costumes that have never been seen before, as well as check out a new main menu now sporting some play modes such as Story, versus and Challenges.

Street Fighter V will launch next month on PlayStation 4 and PC.